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JetX is an unrivaled new online game from one of the best online gaming software developers SmartSoft Gaming that you should play at Parimatch immediately! Unlike the vast majority of other games, this game has no limit on winnings, which is sure to please any gambler from Tanzania. Well, there are still enough risks in the game, and most of it is based on luck, but some strategies and tips can bring you success. Let’s find out how to do it right now!

Play JetX

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JetX Bet Gameplay


Like most crash games, JetX by Smartsoft Gaming sticks to the idea of providing an exciting avenue for casino players in a minimalistic environment. The game interface is pretty simple, and all you’ll see on the main screen is a rocket or a spaceship flying. Below that, you’ll find an intuitive game panel that makes placing bets according to the flight height super easy.

Not just the arcade style graphics but also the gameplay of the JetX rocket game is straightforward. The objective is to pre-anticipate and stop the Jet before it explodes. If you can do that on time, your wager wins an amount based on the bet multiplier (which is the height reached). However, if you fail to stop the flight and it explodes, you lose the bet.

Although there is not much in it, it is the unpredictability of the JetX crash game that makes room for a thrilling gaming experience. Similar to many other online casino games, JetX’s algorithm is based on a random number generator. This means you won’t accurately know how high the rocket might fly.

On top of being unpredictable, the JetX slot game can be highly rewarding. With an ever-increasing multiplier, this rocket game is capable of converting your bets into big returns. Overall, the Jext casino game features every element that a punter can ask for.

Parimatch JetX Game Rules

JetX game rules are very simple. The main gameplay consists of a jet that takes to the skies until it explodes. Along with the plane, the multiplier of your win also grows. The multiplier starts at 1.01x and can go up to 999.999x.

The possibility that the plane will explode is calculated every 1/7 of a second. Each time the probability of detonation is about 1%, while the probability that the plane will continue is about 99%, which means that, on average, one round will last about five to six seconds before the plane is blown up.

When making a JetX bet, you need to bet on the multiplier value that you can reach in one move. If the plane reaches the multipliers you bet on and doesn’t explode, then the JetX aviator will eject, and although the plane may continue moving, you will win the amount you bet. In case the aircraft does not reach the multipliers you bet on, then you lose your bet. You can make two bets simultaneously, which means that there will be two pilots who will eject while reaching two different values. Even considering that the game is very simple, it has only two outcomes — win or lose. The return of money is 97%, which is a sign of a very high chance of winning if you decide to play this game at Parimatch.

Pro Tips to Play Parimatch JetX

JetX includes one interesting social element in its gameplay. As you play, you can see how many people are wagering each turn, how many bets they make, and how many of those people have won. Also, on the left of your screen, click on the “Statistics” tab to view the amount of the bet for each existing multiplier.

The result of each move is determined randomly, it depends on whether you win or not, but some tips can help you win in the long run:

  • You should not bet on high multipliers. It may sound tempting to you, but betting on a high multiplier to win a lot of money right away does not pay off in the long run. Thus, if you bet on small multipliers consistently, you will manage your profits more optimally;
  • You should choose a base bet amount and constantly stick to it. Start betting with a small amount of money so that you don’t lose your entire budget in a few moves. Think about winning in the long run. By doing so, even if you don’t care about your short-term success, remember that it will ensure your profits in the future;
  • After you lose, double the number of chips. Thanks to this strategy, with each win reached, you will recover all previous losses and even earn more. However, remember that this method can deplete your total bank very quickly;
  • Get into the habit of keeping track of the bets of a successful player. This game includes a social aspect that you can and should use for your interests. If you see that a certain player consistently wins — it is a sign to select to follow his wagering pattern. Keep in mind that you can also try to bet on what most players bet on before the start of each turn.

💰 JetX Automatic Betting and Automatic Withdrawal 

JetX game has two unique features that are brilliantly designed to assist JetX players in managing their bets. It goes by the terms Auto Bet and Auto Collect

Auto bets, as the name suggests, is a toggle button you’ll find under the main screen where you can set a predefined value and ask the platform to place automatic bets. Auto Collect is more like an Auto Withdrawal/Auto Cash option that will allow you to stop the rocket at any specific multiplier (height).

Both options work great when you’re into wagering on a real money game. While the first can help in setting a bet size, the latter ensures you hit the right button at the right time.

What is the Best JetX Strategy?

Do you want to master the collision game? Do you want your first bet or second bet to win real money? Well, you’ll have all your answers now. Yes, there is no denying that things are challenging in a crash game where a Jet plane flies, and you need to predict the time when the plane explodes. But with proper knowledge and planning, you can lay track for your wins and avoid losing money. Let’s learn them real quick.

✔️ The Strategy Based On Recent Rounds

To begin with, pay attention to the recent rounds of the JetX game. Take a closer look at the past few crashes and try to understand if there is some pattern in how long the jet flies before crashing. Say, if many were low, consider playing JetX and placing a small bet on a low multiplier next and vice versa.

✔️ Betting Big on a Low Multiplier & Betting Low on a High Multiplier

Multipliers are the backbone of the JetX Crash game, and being more calculative while using it can prove to be wonders. Needless to say, a low multiplier refers to fewer payouts but is safer. That said, if you plan to bet more on these, you’ll probably win and win big in volume. 

On the contrary, high multipliers in JetX casino are riskier but more rewarding. Hence, you can bet less amount and expect to win big. If your wager fails, the low amount won’t bother you much.

✔️ Use a Volatile Technique for Play

Considering the volatility factor is important while playing JetX. For those who don’t know, volatility means how frequently the game’s outcome changes. If, for a specific series of rounds, the game seems really unpredictable, you might want to bet less or even skip that round. But if the game feels stable and you’ve noticed a pattern, it could be a good time to place your maximum bet.

✔️ Martingale Can Be a Good Approach for JetX Game

The expert players of top casinos consider the martingale strategy to be a beneficial option for crash games, and JetX is no exception. Using it is quite straightforward: you start with a small bet; If you lose, instead of giving up, you double your bet for the next round. By implementing the martingale strategy, you not only recover all your previous losses but also make a profit. 

For instance, if your initial bet was 100 TZS and you lost, you would bet 200 TZS in the next round. You keep doubling your bet after each loss until you finally win a round. 

Quick Tip: Use the generous bonuses that online casinos offer to boost your wins. You can grab the best ones using our casino app and make as much money as possible.

Why Use the Demo Version of JetX Bet?

The free demo version of the JetX bet game can prove to be a great starting point. As already mentioned, this online casino game is fast-paced and can hence prove to be a bit daunting for beginners. Yes, with the strategies mentioned above, you know how to win money. But that doesn’t take away anything from the fact that you’ll only be able to use these tricks at full potential after having practiced enough.  

Well, the demo game comes into play in this regard. You can play the Jet X game without wagering real money and get a good hold of it. Besides understanding the game mechanics, you can also figure out the most efficient JetX strategy. In simple terms, practicing the demo mode will help you start playing Jetx more profitably.

Play JetX Parimatch!

Parimatch is one of the best casinos to enjoy JetX in Tanzania. Our team has a huge number of advantages over competitors. Let’s take a look at some of them right now:

  • Parimatch is a reputable casino that has won the trust of millions of players around the world. It has more than 29 years of experience in the field of online sports betting. In addition, Parimatch is one of those licensed online casinos that are 100% legal.  The platform operates in a secure facility, and the experts have confirmed its impartiality.
  • To register at Parimatch and create an online casino account, you only need to spend a few minutes of your time.
  • To play your favorite slot machines, you can get started with a minimum deposit that can be made via multiple payment methods. Moreover, you can withdraw money in a breeze, which means taking out your Jetx winnings is easy and quick.
  • If you are tired of playing one game, then you can choose from hundreds of other equally interesting alternatives, such as card games, online slots, and a huge number of roulette games. Get more information from our All About Parimatch Casino blog article by clicking the link. You also have an opportunity to bet on any sporting event you are interested in. 
  • Parimatch offers many ways for you to earn some extra money. Our promotional offers and casino bonuses will allow you to multiply the winnings significantly.
  • Besides a well-optimized casino website, Parimatch also provides its users with a revolutionary mobile app. You can download it on your Android mobile devices, play your favorite games, and place bets from anywhere at any time.
  • Our professional customer support team works around the clock to assist with resolving any trouble that may arise during financial transactions, while playing on our platform, or if you inquire about any helpful information.

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Parimatch JetX FAQ

❓ Is JetX legit?

The JetX game is absolutely independent of any external influences, meaning that when you make a Jet X bet, the winnings are based solely on your luck, although some strategies might improve the gameplay.

❓ How is the JetX win calculated?

The amount of your winnings is equal to your original bet times the multiplier you chose at the beginning of each round.

❓ How to get my win with JetX?

You can see your winnings on your Parimatch account and then withdraw them through a payment system convenient for you.

❓ How JetX jackpots are played?

All JetX jackpots are awarded randomly if your bet is over $1 and your multiplier is over 1.5x.

Why use the demo version of JetX Bet?

Playing the demo mode of Jetx helps you have a better understanding. By practicing more and more, you can get a grip of each game round that, too, without risking real money.

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