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It goes without saying that basketball is one of the most popular and admired sports in Tanzania today. That’s why it’s a perfect game to make some money on NBA betting. Whether it’s prematch or live betting, millions of gamblers make bets every day and win!

One of the greatest things that you need to know about basketball betting is that there are numerous ways for building the right and most profitable basketball betting strategy. You can’t place bets blindly; you should build your own effective strategy that will surely help you achieve the best results.

While basketball rules are simple and the bets on this sport are also simple, sometimes, it is a bit confusing making your first bets because you have no idea where to start. For that reason, we created this guide that will help you build the right betting strategy. All these basketball betting tips are meant to be a part of your own strategy.

We are going to review the best and the most effective betting tips but you shouldn’t let one tip be the only way to choose your bets! Use them to build your own effective strategy based on your experience and knowledge in this area. Get comfortable and have a look!

1. Look for Value First

Remember that if you wish to be a professional bettor, picking winners is not enough. Unfortunately, many bettors still don’t understand this. Even if you have a winning record, you still can be losing money if your wins don’t bring you much income and your looser cost you a lot. Your goal is to find value and increase your bets when the value is growing higher. Betting value is when you find your bet that is paying out winners at a much better rate than it should.

Remember that sportsbooks don’t always pay out the same sum on each bet. The payout is defined by betting odds. If the team you bet on is an underdog, you may win quite a huge sum. If your team is a favourite, you are likely to get a smaller payout. The thing is that to bet on potential winners in games is alluring and sportsbooks know that!

Basketball betting is not about choosing a winner, it is more about betting value. In basketball betting, you need to search for bets that will pay out better than you expect. But always make sure that the risk is worth the final reward.

2. Notice the Line Movement

This tip is as important as the previous one. Moreover, you should consider both aspects while placing your bets. Let’s analyze the peculiarities of this tip with the help of examples.

For instance, there’s a game between the Mavericks and the Rockets. You see that the first team is an underdog and the sportsbook offers the odds of 3.00. This means their implied probability to win is about 33% and you can get winnings equal to your stake multiplied by 3. (How do we know? Find out from our guide on reading and calculating odds).

However, in a few days, the news will be generating buzz around the Rockets, telling how incredible they are and how they are going to beat the Mavericks. The betting public reacts to this news and starts making a lot of bets on the Rockets.

As a result, the sportsbooks adjust their lines; the odds for the Rockets are now lower and updated odds for the Mavericks are 3.20. Now it’s time to take this bet! Objectively, the Mavericks are no weaker due to public discussions. But now you can win more betting on them! If you firmly believe in this team’s victory, it makes sense to bet after the line moved and the odds grew up.

The thing is that basketball betting lines are frequently moving and not always for the right reason. You need to decide at what point you are ready to make bets.

3. Check the Team’s Schedule

When analyzing all effective basketball betting strategies, we couldn’t pass by this one. Checking the schedule of a chosen basketball team is the first thing that you need to do. Let’s explain why.

First, you need to bear in mind that fatigue can influence the success of the team greatly. The thing is that basketball teams usually play a lot of games and sometimes their schedule may be too busy. Therefore, before placing your bets, you need to check how many games they played before. For example, if your favorite basketball team played five games in six days, it is evident that they are exhausted and tired. Therefore, they aren’t likely to perform well.

There’s another aspect you also need to bear in mind. Check the location of all these games. The factor of long-distance travelling can also influence the team’s performance (and sometimes even more than their schedule). For example, if one game is in Los Angeles and the next game is in Washington, they will definitely be run-down.

4. Consider the Power of Home Underdogs

Sometimes, inexperienced bettors don’t pay attention to this factor, but in fact, it means a lot! No basketball team wants to lose a game at home. They understand that their family members, friends, and colleagues are here, watching them play. They don’t want to lose in front of them. That’s why such teams do the utmost to perform better at home, especially when they are underdogs. Of course, no one can say exactly whether a certain team will win, but they have more chances to cover the spread.

This is not to mention that underdog teams have higher odds, so your winnings will be significant. This aligns perfectly with our strategy #1.

5. Support Away-Playing Favorites After a Loss

It’s a well-known betting strategy that allows you to earn some money! A road team playing after a painful loss is not a likely winner at first glance, right? However, statistics show that such teams tend to win quite often. If they are still considered favorites, chances are betting on them will be rewarded.

Why so? The aforementioned facts prove the team has a strong potential and eagerness to win. However, you still need to spend some time learning the information about your chosen team, their history of victories and losses. How did they perform last time they’ve been in a similar situation?

6. Bet Against the Public

It’s another betting strategy that can bring a good income! What should you do? If you see a basketball team that is greatly supported by the public, you should consider betting on the opposite team.

The thing is, public preferences are often shaped by illogical factors. Bettors tend to support big names and vote with their heart. Anyway, tendencies in public choices affect odds and that’s where you can take the opportunity. When you make your bet against the public, you can make use of higher odds, which means you have a chance to get a good return!

7. Maximize Your Winnings with Parlay Bets

Parlay (or accumulator) bets are a way of combining your wagers into one bet. For a parlay bet to win, all your predictions must be correct. Otherwise, you lose it all. But when you are right about your choices, the odds are multiplied and you get a truly fantastic payout.

So, if you’re absolutely sure about the outcome of some basketball games, why don’t you give parlay bets a try?


As you can see, basketball betting is your chance to win money! But mind that a lot depends on the platform that you choose for betting. The internet is overloaded with various betting platforms for beginners and experienced gamblers where you can watch matches, control the contest, and make real-time bets. But unfortunately, not all of them are reputable resources that ensure quick payouts and minimal deposits.

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  • We have a professional support team that is always ready to help you. If you have any questions seeking clarifications, contact us 24/7.

Betting with Parimatch is super-easy. Still, if you need a hint on where to start, check out our guide on basketball betting with Parimatch.

On top of that, Parimatch is a trusted resource in Tanzania. Thousands of gamblers have already tested the functionality of our platform and some of them even won jackpots! Now, it is your turn to give basketball betting a try!

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