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Requiring exceptional speed and accuracy, table tennis can be mesmerizing to watch. The ball moves back and forth so quickly, it’s a wonder anyone can keep score. Historically popular in China and South Korea, table tennis is also huge in the USA, Germany, and Sweden. All of these countries outperform the rest of the world when it comes to table tennis, making their performances unmissable.

Table tennis has really come a long way since its introduction to the Olympic Games in 1988. Today, there are table tennis associations in over 225 countries and territories, showing how the sport is really starting to blossom in popularity.

If you’ve never really experienced table tennis championships, you may not realize the excitement that gets generated from these quickfire matches. The tense concentration builds to vibrant climaxes. When the likes of Tio Boll or Xu Xin step up to the plate, you know you’re in for an enthralling game. Marvel at sneaky drop-shots, speedy chops, and cutting flicks, as you admire different playing styles, from the looper to the chopper.

The most popular major professional table tennis tournaments to bet on include the Olympic Games and the World Championships. Considered by some table tennis players to be the most poignant table tennis event, The World Championships were first held in London in 1926 and are the longest-running major competition.

Other popular events include the ITTF World Tour, the World Cup, and the World Team Cup. There’s a smattering of top-level professional championships dotted around the world too. These are also becoming increasingly fashionable to bet on. Consider taking the plunge on the African Championship, or the Asian Games, or the Oceania Cup. Perhaps you’d like to see ping-pong action in the Latin American Championships or the Europe Top 16. Whatever your fancy, you can bet on the widest range of table tennis matches in Tanzania by using the Parimatch platform.

How to Read Table Tennis Odds on Parimatch

If you want to make a bet on table tennis, make Parimatch your go-to place. Abundant with global table tennis tournaments and competitive table tennis odds, we provide something for every ping-pong fan. If you’re looking to bet on your favorite table tennis championships in action, it’s a good idea to get a handle on the technical side.

Maybe you’re wondering “How does table tennis betting work?” First, you’ll need to understand how to read table tennis betting odds. Here’s a quick guide to reading odds on the Parimatch platform and app.

Winner betting in table tennis

“To win” or moneyline bets are the simplest and the most popular ones. You simply need to predict who will win the match. The bookmakers set the odds to indicate two things:

  • How likely the players are believed to win
  • How much money your bet on each of them might bring you

How to understand this? In the example above, you can see that the odds for Josip Huzjak are 4.90 and the odds for Qui Liang are 1.16. The lower odds indicate a stronger player (in this case, Qui Liang) who is likely to win the match. The higher odds tell us the player is believed to be weaker.

At the same time, the odds show how much you might win. You just need to multiply your wager by the odds. If you were to place 10,000 TZS on Qui Liang and he won, you’d get back 10,000 TZS x 1.16 = 11,600 TZS with your profit being 1,600 TZS. The same wager on Josip Huzjak might have brought you 49,000 TZS with a profit of 39,000 TZS. However, we already know that Josip Huzjak is believed to be a weaker player so this outcome is less likely.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting is usually reserved for occasions when one of the players is a strong favorite. In these scenarios, the strong player is given a handicap. This means the favorite needs to score more points to overcome the handicap. To calculate if your bet has won, you need to either subtract or add the handicap to the end score.

The score here is the sum of points gained in all the sets (games) of the match.

1 (+6.5) 2.25 2 (-6.5) 1.57

Point handicaps are represented like this: 1 (+6.5) or 2 (-6.5). In these instances, 1 (+6.5) means you’re betting on Player 1 (the one named first in the match) to win the game with +6.5 extra points added to their score. Alternatively, 2 (-6.5) would be a bet on the second player to win the game, with 6.5 points deducted from their final score.

Totals betting

Sometimes you’ll find totals table tennis betting called “over/under betting”. The process involves placing bets on whether the total number of points in a game will go over or under the figure that the bookie has predicted. The total is worked out by adding together the scores of both players or teams.

Over Under
76.5 1.80 1.95
77.5 1.87 1.87
78.5 1.95 1.80

To use totals odds to bet on table tennis, you need to decide what you think the total score of both players or teams may be. For example, imagine you think that the total score would be 77 or less, you want to bet on “Under 77.5”. You can also consider”Under 76.5″, as this option has higher odds. But here you need to believe the players won’t reach the score of 77 in total.

When it comes to betting on live table tennis, the odds change with each point that’s scored or foul that occurs.

Correct Score Betting

Think you can figure out what the exact score will be? Got an idea of who’s going to win the most games and by how many? Why not put your certainty to the test by betting on the exact score of the ping-pong match. If that exact score pans out, you win your stake multiplied by the odds.

3:1 27.00
3:2 12.50
2:3 6.75
1:3 3.15
0:3 1.70

If you’d like to place a bet on your predicted correct score, click the “Correct Score” tab in the match you’re interested in. You’ll see the list of available predictions on the left and the odds on the right.

Table tennis matches are played to 3 of 5 games. Using the example above, if you were to bet that the first player wins 3:1 to the second player, the odds are 27.00. This means that if you bet 10,000 TZS and this is correct, you’ll win 270,000 TZS.

How to Place a Bet on Table Tennis Using Parimatch

Want to place a bet on a table tennis match? Just follow this simple guide to do it in no time.

  • Head to the Parimatch website or download a betting app and log in to your account. Be sure to register if you don’t have an account just yet.
  • Make your first deposit to be able to bet.
  • Select “Table Tennis” from the top menu.
  • See the popular upcoming matches listed. Go to “Filters” to select more matches.
  • Click the match that you’d like to bet on. This will lead you to the odds.
  • Scroll through the top tabs to check out the available bets, from handicap, points, totals, and so on.
  • Click the bet that you’d like to place. It will become highlighted and you’ll see it in your betslip.
  • To complete your bets, head over to the betslip by clicking the highlighted tab.
  • If you have placed multiple bets, you’ll find that you can place system or parlay bets in the betslip.
  • Select your choice and then click “Place bet”.

How Does Live Betting Work for Table Tennis

If you want to invest some money while you’re enjoying live table tennis matches, you can bet on table tennis live using the Parimatch platform. All in all, the process is similar to the one described above, but you need to click on the “Live” tab in the table tennis section. You’ll see the matches available for betting.

When clicking through the games, you may notice that the odds change intermittently. This is because pre-match betting and live match betting is different.

Pre-match odds are worked out before the game, based on the history of both players. The bookmaker looks at how these players have performed in recent games and in the past when they have gone head-to-head with each other. From there, odds are placed and bet-makers can place bets before the start of the table tennis match. These odds do not change throughout the game.

Differently, however, live table tennis odds do change throughout the match. This is because these odds are based on the game as it’s playing out. For example, if one player is scoring exceptionally well and overtaking their opponent, the odds may go down for that player to win as a win becomes more likely.

Parimatch’s Hot Tips on Table Tennis Betting

Like all types of betting, table tennis betting requires a little bit of understanding about the game and the players. Luckily, with access to global table tennis tournaments on the Parimatch sports betting platform, you can practice trying out all kinds of strategies! Here are our helpful table tennis betting tips.

How to Develop a Table Tennis Strategy

Your betting strategy in table tennis relies on your research, both into the long and short-term history of the players and their relationship to one another. If your players have a feud with one another, or one has a weaker backhand than the other, or one has recently dislocated his finger — you need to know! The more you know about your players, the more you’ll be able to predict the results of the upcoming game.

The best way to understand your players more effectively is by watching them! Some players like to use trick and speed shots, while others like to make a comeback right at the very end. Both style and cadence of play, along with league or world ranking will affect the outcome.

The reason that you need to know your players and their relationship to one another, is because this will help you to pick a betting style that’s going to help you.

For example, if one player is far weaker than the other, it makes sense to choose handicap betting and leverage the weakness to your advantage. Alternatively, if both players are pretty good and tend to score a low number of points against each other, you may want to look at over/under bets, keeping your estimate low.

If you’re looking to bet more for fun than money, but would still like to turn a small profit, look to bet on the favorites to win. While this might not always bring high returns, it’s the likeliest chance you have of winning.

For those looking to make more serious cash, you may consider a tactic with multiple bets. Parlay (accumulator) bets mean you need all your bets to win to pay out, and you’ll be rewarded with much higher odds. System bets also give you higher odds than single bets, but you don’t need all the bets to win to get paid.

What to Pay Attention to When Betting on Table Tennis?

Table tennis is a super quick game, and betting on the sport live can be a muddle of changing odds that can jump around rapidly. To keep your head in the game, it is a good idea to watch out for certain things as they happen, as they’ll affect the odds. Equally, in preparation for the game, one of the best tips is to do your table tennis research.

  • A player’s overall shape

The way that a player is feeling that day can make a huge difference in their performance. Physically a player may have an injury or be recovering from surgery. Mentally, a player may have had a recent trauma, or perhaps they are reeling from a media scandal. All these things will affect the player’s performance on the day.

  • More than rank

The rank of a table tennis player is important as it helps you determine where they sit against their opponents. However, rankings are temporary positions that can change at any moment if players win or lose matches.

In this sense, it’s far more important to look at whether a player has been able to retain a high ranking for a long time. Stable players that sit around the same level consistently are easier to bet on, as you’re more likely to be able to measure them against their contender. Players that jump from the top to the bottom of leagues is often unpredictable players. It’s far more risky betting on these players.

  • Playing style

Some players are left-handed, while some are right-handed. This is one of the most obvious ways that a good player can be — when a left-handed player comes to town.

Alternatively, some players like to play extremely quickly, which can put slower players on the backfoot. Serves and rotations are particular skills to look for as a good server can get ahead early in each set.

  • Fatigue

During live table tennis matches, you want to look out for players that are becoming tired. Some players will run others ragged around the table by consistently serving hard, fast shots. If a player gets tired, their concentration slips and you’ll often see them start to lose points.

  • Importance of the tournament

As a sports fan will know, less important games and tournaments often have far more flukey events. This is because players are less afraid to try risky moves, as they don’t have as much to lose. Equally, in big matches, players are more inclined to play it safe — but they also tend to concentrate more.

  • Rivalry

Long-standing rivalries can make a big difference to the outcome of a game. You’ll see players trying to spook each other in the run-up to the match and during the game. Look at the history of the two players to see how they’ve performed against each other before, and where and when they performed their best. This will help you to understand if they’re in the prime position to rise victorious on the day.

Pros of Table Tennis Betting with Parimatch

If you’re looking for a convenient location to place table tennis bets, why not download the Parimatch betting app. That way you can bet on a vast catalog of table tennis tournaments and championships directly from your smartphone.

Not convinced? Here’s why you’re missing out if you don’t download the Parimatch betting app today.

  • Parimatch is super convenient

Tired of the lines at the bookmakers every time you want to make a bet? Fed up with sitting in the bookies to watch your favorite games just so you don’t miss the live odds? Why not download the Parimatch betting app and you can enjoy placing bets on global games from the comfort of your own sofa.

  • The Parimatch platform is fast and robust

While other betting apps and platforms may crumble at the sight of a little high traffic, the Parimatch sports betting platform is reliably fast. Using the best technology, our betting app is designed to run smoothly 24 hours a day, without crashing your device. No matter how many users are betting on our online platform simultaneously, you’ll still find your Parimatch betting app to be highly responsive and quick to process your requests.

  • The Parimatch app is lightweight

To efficiently bet on live table tennis matches, you need a platform that processes quickly and keeps you up-to-date with the match in real-time. Because our betting app is lightweight, it doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. This means it can work quickly without hogging your storage.

Equally, the app doesn’t eat away at your data. While many online betting platforms use a huge amount of data to process your bets, the Parimatch sports betting app functions perfectly well without guzzling your internet.

  • Parimatch has the broadest variety of table tennis matches

Finding a reliable online betting platform for table tennis wagers can be difficult. Often bookmakers don’t cover table tennis, and if they do, the match pickings are slim. However, at Parimatch, we pride ourselves on our vast catalog of available table tennis bets. From the World Cup to ITTF league games, we’ve got it all.

  • Parimatch odds are the best for you

Whether you’re looking to bet on the winners, match score, or handicaps, Parimatch provides users with a comprehensive menu of betting markets and competitive odds. This enables users to play around with their betting strategies, and find out what works best for them.

  • The Parimatch platform updates in real time

It’s not just the technological capacity of our app and platform that’s fast. Our response to points and changes in each game is also speedy. Utilizing state-of-the-art live table tennis betting technology, our odds change with every real-time event that occurs in each match. That way, you can keep up-to-date with the game and place rapid-fire bets as the action takes place.

  • Parimatch believes in top customer service

At Parimatch, we’re dedicated to providing all our users with top-notch customer care. That’s why we’ve made it possible to speak to one of our advisors at all times through our online chat service as well as WhatsApp and Telegram. Alternatively, you can reach out to us by email or phone 24/7.


If you’re looking to place wagers on live table tennis matches, the Parimatch online betting platform and app are your one-stop-shop for all your ping-pong betting needs.

Our revolutionary new sports betting app gives all our users access to the broadest range of table tennis matches, leagues, tournaments, and championships from all over the globe. Serving up a library of betting strategy opportunities, from handicaps to totals, Parimatch makes it easy to execute your betting plan.

Using next-generation technology, our intuitive app is simple to use, without taking up too much space or data. Designed for speed, the Parimatch betting app makes table tennis betting a piece of cake. Now you no longer have to wait in lines at bookies — you can simply place table tennis bets directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Committed to providing our customers with the highest level of user experience, Parimatch’s customer care team is always on hand to help you. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout, and we’ll assist you with all your table tennis betting requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Place your table tennis wagers with Parimatch!

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