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Table tennis betting is gaining popularity all over the world, especially in Africa. If table tennis bets take your fancy, you’re probably looking for table tennis betting advice.

After all, not only is table tennis a fast-paced thrilling sport to watch, it’s also one of the easiest ways to win huge payouts. And no online sportsbook has more table tennis bets on offer than Parimatch.

You may be wondering how to win a table tennis bet or perhaps you’re looking for some table tennis betting advice. You’ve come to the right place. With the intuitive Parimatch betting app, you’ll see how simple it really is to get in on the action and win big money.

Read on for expert table tennis betting tips, the best table tennis strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to place an online bet in minutes with Parimatch.

How to Research Table Tennis Strategy Before Betting

Successful bettors always do their research. If you don’t do your research, it’s like driving wearing a blindfold — you won’t see what’s coming. Betting on table tennis is no different.

Study table tennis events

When you place a table tennis bet, you are testing your knowledge of the situation. Just like in school, you wouldn’t expect to have good results on a test if you didn’t study.

Betting on ping-pong is no different. You may have a general understanding of the sport, but the best table tennis betting advice is to fully understand the context of the event. This will help you place more educated bets.

For example, imagine the mindset of the competitors in an Olympic gold medal match versus an exhibition match in Tanzania. The grandeur of such a prestigious event as the world games will affect how the players perform. How does it affect their performance? And which events have an effect?

Learn about table tennis players

After you’ve studied the event, study the players. If you want to know how to win a table tennis bet, ask yourself, how will this event affect this player versus another player? The only way to do that is by learning about the players.

Here’s another brilliant table tennis betting strategy: understand the playstyle of each player. This will help you to determine whether it will give them an advantage or a disadvantage over their opponent.

Picture this. You’ve got a matchup between one player whose strength is serving the ball with exorbitant amounts of spin, and he/she is matched up against someone who historically struggles returning serves with excessive spin. Ask yourself, who has the advantage in this situation?

Try your hardest to think of all the situations in a typical table tennis match, and weigh out who has the advantage in each situation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a much better idea of how to win a table tennis bet between two particular players.

Understand the rules

At first glance, ping-pong is a very simple game to understand. Hit the ball back and forth until someone misses their mark — point granted.

But there’s so much more to it. Those who understand the nuances of the rules will not only enjoy the finer elements of the game, they will also be able to exploit their knowledge by placing smarter bets.

For example, the rules for a doubles match (2V2), differ from those of a singles match. Ask yourself, how that will affect your bet?

Did you know that for a match to end, you have to win by at least 2 points? This rule means that a match could theoretically never end. If you’re expecting a close match, think about how each player’s stamina may come into play. After all, elite table tennis players are athletes, subject to deteriorating performance over time.

Know the Types of Table Tennis Bets

One reason why table tennis has quickly become a favourite among bettors in Africa is the large variety of betting options — and Parimatch has them all. Here’s a look at the most popular methods to consider.

Two-way moneyline bets on table tennis

If you’re a beginner looking for table tennis betting advice, try placing two-way moneyline bets — they’re super simple.

With two-way moneyline table tennis bets, you have to answer one question, who will win? If you pick correctly, you’ll get a payout. It’s really as easy as that.

In table tennis, there will always be a match winner so unlike three-way moneyline bets, there is no draw option to skew the odds.

Here’s what a two-way moneyline bet looks like on Parimatch:

to win table tennis betting on Parimatch

Pick the winner, pick correctly, win the money. That’s all there is to it — easy peezy.

Note that by default Parimatch uses decimal odds, but on our mobile betting application you can switch to fractional or American odds.

Handicap Betting on Table Tennis

When betting on table tennis, you can also go for handicap bets. The idea is to give a virtual advantage or disadvantage to one of the competitors. Let’s see how it works on an example from Parimatch:

handicap table tennis betting on Parimatch

Imagine you bet on Dmitriy Ignatiev with a handicap of +7.5. It means, you believe if Dmitry was given 7.5 additional points in all of the rounds played, he would win over Sergey Ogay.

For example, the players had three rounds with the following results:

Ignatiev vs Ogay

  • 7-11
  • 11-9
  • 8-11

Before applying the handicap, Sergey Ogay wins. Dmitriy Ignatiev needs 4 points in the 1st round and 3 points in the 3rd round to be even with Sergey Ogay, which is 7 in total. If we were to give him 7.5 points, he would win over Sergey by 0.5 points. This way, our handicap bet will be a winning one.

Table tennis parlay bets

Are you after monster payouts? Then a parlay bet is right for you. This table tennis strategy is for those who are willing to assume more risk in hopes of massive payouts.

In short, a parlay is an accumulator bet where the bettor places multiple picks with a single stake. For the bet to pay out, every pick must be correct.

For example, if you wagered on a 4-way parlay, that means you selected four different matches to bet on and if three of the four picks were correct, you would not get a payout. It goes without saying that it can be more difficult to win this type of bet, but the payouts associated make it an extremely popular choice.

Each additional bet you string on to your parlay acts as a multiplier for your payout — leading to some mega returns on your initial stake.

All of the table tennis bet types (handicap, moneyline, etc…) offered on Parimatch are fair game to include in your parlay, so long as they are not from the same event.

Better still, you can even construct a parlay with bets across multiple sports.

Here’s what the betslip looks like on Parimatch in a 4-way parlay when betting on the two-way moneyline:

Parimatch betslip with parlay table tennis bets

Take note that with a single wager of 10,000 TZS you stand to win over 80,000 TZS!

System bets on table tennis

System bets closely resemble parlay betting, but with additional features that make it more attractive to weighty sports bettors. Essentially, you can think of system betting as a more diverse and advanced cousin of the parlay table tennis betting strategy.

Unlike parlays, you don’t need every pick to be correct to win — depending on the system you choose. For example, if you chose a 2/4 system, you only need two of four selections to be correct. Similarly, a 3/4 system would only require three picks to be accurate.

The payouts directly reflect the system you choose. A 2/4 system would pay less than a 3/4 system because it has less risk. Remember, with all online sportsbooks, the lower the risk the lower the reward.

Here’s what a 2/4 system bet looks like on Parimatch:

Parimatch betslip with system table tennis bets

If you wagered 10,000 TZS you would still make a considerable return on your stake, comparable to a parlay, but you would only need to get two picks correct. The downside is, if you got all four picks right, you would still receive the same payout.

Top Table Tennis Betting Tips

When it comes to a table tennis strategy for betting, there are some key insights that you should consider. Here are some result-driven table tennis betting tips that are sure to give you the upper hand.

Do your research

As previously mentioned, doing your homework is the core principle that every successful bettor adopts. If you don’t fully understand what the context of the match is, you won’t be able to make the most educated bet possible.

Readers are leaders, leaders are learners, and learners are earners. If you’re wondering how to win a table tennis bet, make sure you do your research.

Pay attention to players’ recent form

Just like in all sports, table tennis players can have bad days or they could be on a hot streak. Look at recent matches from players you are considering betting on and figure out which direction they’re trending.

Some table tennis betting advice will tell you to back someone surging. But, it’s vital to dig deeper and understand why they’re trending up or down? Are they coming back from a losing streak? Are they the favorite in a top event? Are they playing games on their home turf?

Don’t focus too much on rankings

It can be tough to bet against a higher-ranked competitor. However, a player’s rank is not an all-encompassing indicator of whether they’re going to win.

Think about how many times you’ve witnessed the underdog beat the goliath. Fans love to see the underdog win and the crowd’s added support can help them rally to the top.

Rather than focusing on the number a player ranks at, focus on how they reached that rank.

Consider this, a no. 9 is matched up with the world no. 7 but the lesser ranked player has been playing with an injured wrist most of the season. This bad wrist has drastically affected their ability to put top-spin on the ball.

But, the no. 9 took a couple of weeks off and is now fully healthy. Do you think they’ll still perform at the subpar level that granted them the lousy ranking in the first place? Probably not.

Why should you bet on table tennis with Parimatch?

Choosing the right online sportsbook may be the most important table tennis strategy. More people than ever are placing bets with Parimatch, and in case you didn’t know, here’s why:

  • Nominal minimum bets with huge payouts (including a jackpot option)
  • Top-notch 24/7 customer service
  • Live, pre-match, virtual, and esports betting options available
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • State-of-the-art software with user-friendly dual language interface
  • Better odds than you can find anywhere else
  • Well-respected international brand with 26 years of success

How to make a bet on Table Tennis on Parimatch

  1. Visit the Parimatch homepage
  2. On the top right of the screen, select log in or sign up. This is how to register your account.log in and sign up buttons on Parimatch website
  3. After you are logged in, deposit funds into your account.
  4. Once you’ve deposited funds to your account, navigate back to the homepage and click on Table Tennis.                     table tennis icon on Parimatch website
  5. Choose whether you want to bet on Live or Upcoming matches.                                                                          live and upcoming matches on Parimatch website
  6. Select the league/tournament you wish to bet on from the drop-down menu                      table tennis tournaments on Parimatch website.
  7. After you’ve selected which league/tournament to bet on, select the specific match you want to bet on.table tennis matches on Parimatch website
  8. Next, scroll through the page and select your desired bet.betting on a table tennis game on Parimatch website
  9. After you’ve made your pick, look to the right of the screen at the betslip and enter how much you want to wager.betslip with a table tennis bet placed on Parimatch website
  10. If you’re satisfied with your bet and ready to lock it in, select “place bet”.
  11. To place multiple bets, repeat steps 4 through 10.
  12. When you’re ready to lock your bets in, head to the betslip.
  13. Click “Parlay” to place parlay bets. Add your wager and click to place your bet.
  14. Click “System” to place system bets. Add your wager and choose the system you’d like to bet with from the dropdown menu on the bottom right of the betslip. Then click place your bet.


Table tennis is blowing up right now in the world of betting. Savvy punters in Tanzania have taken notice and are winning more money with Parimatch than any other online sportsbook.

Online betting with Parimatch is an exhilarating way to enjoy an already thrilling sport. If you haven’t been watching, check out some of the highlights on youtube. These guys aren’t your average athletes.

Now that you are locked and loaded with some valuable table tennis betting advice, you can start cashing in with Parimatch. Check out our incredible range of table tennis bets today!

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