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If you’re new to the world of betting, you might not be familiar with betting units. However, if you’ve spent some time in the community, you might’ve noticed that it’s the metric that is used fairly often both by professional bettors, casual gamers, and even betting companies.

And it’s no wonder – betting units are easy to use and are extremely helpful if you want to compare strategy effectiveness. Sports betting units can be used across the borders, as they remain the same in Tanzania, Canada, and Germany.

So, what is a unit in betting and how do you use it the most competent and efficient way? Let’s take a closer look at the metric and how you should apply it to your bankroll to manage it and compare it with other bettors and determine competent betting strategies.

What Exactly Is a Betting Unit?

Units in betting basically denominate the amount of money a person is comfortable spending on a single event. But this sum varies for different people, so how can it be used by everyone? Well, it is usually determined as a certain percentage of your total bankroll.

For example, if the amount of money you’re ready to spend on betting is 30,000 TZS, then one betting unit should be calculated as the percentage of this sum you’ll spend on one separate bet. If your single bet limit is 3%, then the betting unit for you will be 900 TZS.

Being relative to the bankroll as a whole, the betting unit can be used to compare the stats of different bettors. The amount of money the person has won is less indicative of their success than the number of betting units they get. You can also track the effectiveness of working betting strategies with betting units as well.

How to Determine Your Betting Unit Size?

The rule of thumb for a betting unit is to calculate it around 1-5% of your total bankroll. If you’re a beginner or if you choose to play conservatively, you should stop at 1-2%. If you prefer to take more risks, you can raise the stakes up to 5%, but remember that in this case, a losing streak may decimate your bankroll earlier than you expect it.

The thing you have to remember with betting units is that you need to remain consistent. If you’ve determined a betting unit, you should never bet less. It is also important to consider your true bankroll, as beginners often tend to add funds to their initial bankroll after a losing streak or as they gain some money they’re ready to spend.

Another thing to consider when you determine your betting unit size is the betting app you use. Various applications have different fund limits on the bets. For example, when it comes to Parimatch, the minimum amount you can bet equals 300 TZS, and the maximum payout you can get is 1,000,000,000 TZS.

Track Your Statistics with Betting Units

When people try to track their records, they usually stop at listing their wins and losses. While it is a valuable metric to a certain extent, it does not paint the whole story. It does not take into account the odds of the matches you’ve made your bets on and does not even determine whether you break even, win or lose any money.

For example, if you win a bet in an upcoming match of Chelsea with West Ham and lose a bet in a match of Arsenal versus Chelsea, you cannot tell whether your strategy was effective. However, if you mention that you’ve bet 3 units on 4.70 odds in the first match and 1 unit on 1.84 odds in the second, it’s clear that you’ve made the right decisions.

Chelsea vs West Ham football betting on Parimatch website

Arsenal vs Chelsea football betting on Parimatch website

What’s more important, tracking with betting units provides you a direct way to manage the status of your bankroll as a whole. The size of your betting unit will grow or reduce with how your financial status changes.

However, the most useful thing about betting units is their relativity. This makes them the best choice for comparative analysis, as you can correlate your results with people with higher or smaller overall bankrolls and still get relevant information.

How to Calculate Units Won

Working with units instead of certain sums of money simplifies the math you need to work with as well. When it comes to the number of units you lose if you’ve bet incorrectly, it is straightforward – you’ve lost each unit you’ve bet.

When it comes to calculating the number of units you’ve won, it depends on the application you’re using. There are different ways they display the same odds for matches. Some use British odds, others prefer American (moneyline) ones. The best and simplest option is decimal odds, like the ones used on Parimatch. In this case, you simply need to multiply the number of units you’ve bet on the decimal odds’ value.

In the example we’ve mentioned above, you’d lose 1 unit in the Arsenal match with Chelsea. The units you would win on the match of Chelsea vs West Ham would be calculated as 3*4.70=14.10. Overall, you would gain 14.10 minus 1 unit you’ve lost and minus 3 initial units you’ve bet – 10.10 units.

How to Calculate the Money You’ve Earned by the Units You’ve Won

If you know the number of units you’ve gained, how much money does it transfer to? The answer is simple – multiply the number of units by the value of the unit you’ve assigned before making the bet. In our example, if your betting unit is 300 TZS, you would’ve gained 300*10.10=3030 TZS.

If you want these calculations to always be simple, you need to be consistent with your strategies and bankroll management. If you start changing your betting unit value on a whim, it will be much harder for you to monitor your earnings and losses in the long term. If you want to see if a certain strategy plays out, keep the betting unit value the same throughout the process.

Can Betting Units Lie?

If used properly, betting units are extremely helpful. However, there are ways you can play this system as well. Online bettors can report their earnings to be up to thousands of betting units, and it’s not always a complete lie as well.

The betting unit value can be set up as whatever you need them to be. While in most cases it equals the mentioned 1-5% of the bankroll, if a scammer wants to inflate their winning numbers, they can set them up to be 0.01% or even lower. This way they can bet and win thousands of units in one bet. So, don’t view these numbers in a nutshell, contrast and compare with other statistics available.


If you’re new to the world of sports betting, betting unit is one of the first things you need to learn about as soon as possible. They will help you to manage your bankroll while allowing you to compare your results with other bettors and to find effective strategies to employ. It even makes it easier to determine which sport or team has made bettors the most money this season.

Now that you know about units, you can start making wagers. Visit Parimatch online or install the application to bet on your favorite team right now!

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