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If you like the thrill of the chase, with adrenaline pumping through your veins, live betting is for you. What is live betting, you wonder? Live betting is the practice of betting during sports events, once they’ve already started.

Live betting allows users to enjoy the live action of a sports event, choosing to wager on the way the game is played as it goes along. As betting odds change through the live action of a game, bettors can enjoy taking advantage of these fluctuating odds through the Parimatch live betting platform.

Want to know more about live betting with Parimatch, and how it can benefit you? You’ll be skipping the queue at your bookies before you know it! Check out this handy guide to live betting.

What is Live Betting?

Simply put, live betting is a betting practice where you bet once a sporting event is in play. Those who place bets before a game starts rely on the history of the two teams or individuals going head to head. However, with live betting, users can place bets after the game starts, responding to the action in real-time and betting based on this.

How Does Live Betting Work?

When we place a bet before a sporting event, the odds are fixed based on the previous history of the two opponents. If you’re wondering, how does live betting work, it’s a little different to the pre-match process.

With live betting, users can gamble on the event as it is happening, placing bets once the match is in play. While Team A may be the favorites before a game, an early goal by Team B changes the likelihood that Team A will win. This is reflected in the odds.

For bettors, this means you can place several different wagers during sports events that allure to various outcomes. All kinds of action in the game will contribute to changing odds, making live betting an exciting prospect for those who enjoy monitoring each facet or call during a game and acting on this quickly.

To place bets on live sports using the Parimatch app, head over to the site or download the Parimatch betting app and follow these instructions:

  • Register or sign in and deposit funds into your Parimatch account
  • Go to the “Live” tab on the website or an app
  • Scroll through Parimatch’s collection of Live sports here
  • Choose the sport you’re interested in betting on and browse the list of available championships and games playing now
  • To place a wager, just click the odds you want to bet on
  • Go to the “Betslip” tab to see your bets
  • If all bets are correct, click “Make a Bet”

What are the Best Sports to Bet Live on Parimatch?

Don’t wait for your bookmaker to decide the best live sports betting for you. At Parimatch, we pride ourselves on our incredibly diverse range of live sports betting options available on our platform. Catering to all kinds of sports fans, we provide betting opportunities on both popular and less well-known sports events worldwide. Parimatch is a great place to find live betting on soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, handball, cricket, futsal, and even ice hockey.

Betting on Live Soccer with Parimatch

From the UK to Cyprus, from Zimbabwe to Chile, Parimatch has an astounding array of significant soccer events for you to wager on. No matter if you’re looking for major championships like the UEFA Champions League or the AFC Cup, or you prefer to watch Manchester United and Liverpool battle it out in the Premier League, we have soccer betting readily available to all Parimatch users.

  • Simply click the “Live” tab, choose soccer, and browse the extensive lists of events, cups, championships, and outcomes.
  • To place a bet, just click the odds you want to bet on
  • Your soccer bets will appear in your betting slip, where you click “Make a Bet”

If you head to the Parimatch betting app or official website, you’ll find that soccer bettors have access to a whole myriad of betting options, such as:

  • Final score
  • Both teams to score
  • Win half
  • Most scoring half
  • Half time score
  • Double chance, and much more

Parimatch living betting users can enjoy both parlay betting and system betting on live football events.

Want to Place Bets on Basketball Using Parimatch?

It’s easy to play the odds on basketball using Parimatch. From the FIBA World Championships to every NBA game, Parimatch lists a multitude of international basketball games and tournaments. Whether you want to bet on the Lakers to win or LeBron James to dunk, you can head to the Parimatch betting platform and click the “Basketball” tab to see what’s on offer.

  • Click the “Live” tab and select basketball
  • Select your games
  • Click your odds
  • Head to the betting slip to place wagers

Take a Plunge on Tennis with Parimatch

Parimatch has the most tennis live betting options in Tanzania — we have all the top global tennis tournaments available for esports betting online. The straightforward dashboard allows users to be on all the top championship in real-time — Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Wimbledon, and much more. For our ranging spread of tennis tournaments, place your tennis bets by:

  • Heading to the Parimatch app or official website
  • Clicking on the “Live” tab once you’ve signed in and made your first deposit, and choose tennis
  • Click the tournament and bet you’d like to place
  • Place all online tennis bets by heading to the betting slip

Bet a Quick Buck on Baseball via Parimatch

Are you glued to the MLB World Series each year? Perhaps you’re more of a College World Series fan? Either way, if you’re into baseball, the Parimatch betting platform is the ideal place to turn your passion into cash. You can place wagers on live baseball games worldwide — with either parlay or system betting options to play the odds!

  • Register on the Parimatch website today and sign in
  • Make a first deposit
  • Click the “Live” tab at the bottom of the screen and select baseball
  • Select you game and odds
  • Head over to your betting slip to finalize the bet

Can I Place Parlay Live Bets on Parimatch?

A parlay bet is a way for sports enthusiasts to increase their odds when placing multiple bets. Instead of placing a string of single bets with different odds, you can optimize the system using Parimatch’s parlay betting option.

When you place a parlay bet on Parimatch, you combine two or more bets. By rolling these bets into one, you bet on the chance that all your predictions are correct. If one bet is wrong, you lose all the bets. However, if all the bets in a parlay win, you are rewarded with higher returns.

You can implement parlay bets by clicking on the “Betslip” tab on the bottom of the Parimatch site.

Placing System Bets on Parimatch?

If your betslip has two or more bets on it, you can use the system function on the Parimatch betting platform.

To place a system bet, head to the betslip and select “System” from the top tabs.

A system bet differs from a parlay bet as you can still win if you don’t get everything right. For example, if you bet on three games, you win if ⅔ of your bets are correct.

There are a few betting “systems” available for users, depending on how many bets you’re placing and the number of possible combinations from the different sports. Users can bet on singles, doubles, triples, four-fold, five-fold, six-fold, and so on. The more bets placed, the more possible combinations, the higher are the winnings.


Parimatch is dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop for all your esports betting requirements. Not only do we have an extensive catalog of regular bets and virtual betting options, but our platform is also proud to showcase an impressive remit of live betting for our users.

Thanks to our responsive dashboard and versatile betting options, our users can enjoy live betting during sports games — with many different sports to choose from in one place and parlay and system betting technologies to help you get the most from your sports wagers.

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