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Sports betting is a game of chance, meaning that the outcome of each bet cannot be 100% definite. However, some professional bettors consistently make money from online betting on sports. How is that possible?

How to Bet And Win Every Day

Well, specific betting predictions and tips can help you to maximize your chances of winning. To know how to bet and win, you need to learn more about betting strategies, proper bankroll management, and many more. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you. Learn more about sure betting tips with Parimatch! Even more useful tips you can find in our article about sports betting strategies.

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Quick Tips on How to Make Winning Bets

Firstly, let’s take a look at some general professional betting tips that might save you from making wrong choices and will help you win more consistently:

  • Choose your sports and games – instead of spreading your efforts across the different areas, it is better to choose a single sport you’re good at and stick to it. This will make it easier for you to learn about the intricacies of the sport and become knowledgeable about each team so that you can determine who is better to bet on;
  • Control your emotions – impulsive sports betting is the first step towards losing your wager and possibly even your whole bankroll. No matter how long you’ve been a fan of a certain team, or how high the betting odds are, if they are an underdog team in this match – you should definitely bet against them.
    In addition, don’t let the euphoria from winning or devastation from losing one bet affect your approach to the other. Clear your head before you make any decision connected to money;
  • Don’t forget to take breaks – the quality of your bets is more important than their quantity. Whether you’re feeling down after a losing streak or just tired after hours of research, it’s okay to take a break, reconsider your strategy, think of changing a betting market, and analyze what mistakes you might have made and how to avoid them in the future;
  • Learn from your mistakes – if you’re new to betting, you will make decisions you’ll regret later on. You need to remember that it’s okay, and that is a part of the learning process;
    However, you should closely expect each of your missteps and analyze their reasons. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices and strategies, even if they eventually lead to more mistakes;
  • Do thorough research – one of the most important sports betting tips is to do homework on each match you plan on betting. Being informed about each player’s statistics will help you make a better decision.
    For example, if you prefer to bet on soccer, you should analyze the results streak of the past team’s games, the players’ form, and expert football betting tips. While this will not inform you on how to win a bet every time, it will certainly increase your chances of gaining money from your wagers.

Betting Strategies: Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

For decades, mathematicians and statisticians have struggled to develop the perfect betting strategy that would minimize losses and maximize winnings. As a result, several approaches with varying effectiveness have been developed. Let’s look at some of the most promising strategies out there.


The first and one of the most well-known sports betting and casino strategies on how to win is the martingale system. In its basic variant, each time you lose a bet, you should wager double on the next match. This way, whenever you win, you cover all your previous losses and gain money for the next bet.

For example, if you’re looking to apply this system and learn how to bet and win in soccer, you might bet 200,000 TZS on your first match. If your bet loses, your next bet should be 400,000 TZS. If you win, you’ll get your first loss covered and gain a substantial profit.

However, the downside of this system is that with each loss, the bet size increases exponentially, meaning that in just a few steps, it might exceed the betting limits of the platform.

Fixed amount betting

As you might’ve guessed from the name, this system is based on a consistent betting amount. This method is easy to follow and easy to use in terms of bankroll management. Usually, the bet is set up as a fixed percent of your bankroll as a whole, as a rule, around 1-5%.

For example, you’ve determined that the amount you’re willing to bet on each match is 100,000 TZS. Whether you win or lose one bet, the next should remain the same at 100,000 TZS. Unfortunately, while the results of some matches might be surer than others, on average, the probability of your bet winning will be less than 100% (usually around 55%). That’s why in the long run, this strategy promises to end in a specific loss, although the process might take a long time.

Proportional betting

A proportional betting system is based on calculating your wagers as a portion of your overall bankroll. While the portion remains fixed, the whole bankroll either grows or dwindles. Thus each time, you bet a different amount.

For example, let’s look at how to bet and win on football with proportional betting. Let’s assume that your bankroll is 1,000,000 TZS, and the portion you’ve chosen to bet is 10%. If you bet 10% (100,000 TZS) on an outcome with betting odds of 1.71 and win your whole bankroll will be 1,071,000 TZS. In this case, your next bet would be 107,100 TZS.

On the other hand, if you’d lose your first bet, your bankroll would be 900,000 TZS. Thus, your next bet would be 90,000 TZS. Overall, this helps to slow down the bankroll loss while speeding up the bankroll gain.

Fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is a well-known mathematical set in which each next number equals the sum of the previous two:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, …

How to win a bet on football with the Fibonacci sequence? Make each next bet after the loss corresponding to the number in the set. For example, if you bet 100,000 TZS on the first match, bet 100,000 TZS on the next, and if you lose again – make it 200,000 TZS and 300,000 TZS after the next loss, etc. This system acts somewhat similar to the martingale system, except that the bets don’t rise as quickly, and you’re less likely to drain your whole bankroll with a short losing streak.

Bankroll Management Is a Must

One of the most crucial betting tips that novice sports bettors often forget is that you need to look closely at your bankroll:

  1. Firstly, it should be the amount you’re willing to lose – never bet your last money.
  2. If you’ve chosen your strategy and determined the portion of the bankroll for each bet, stick to it. Even if a certain match seems to have a surefire result – don’t bet more on it just because you feel so.
  3. If you decide to increase your bets – do it slowly and over longer periods.
  4. Don’t withdraw or add money to your bankroll on a whim, or your sports betting journey will be over before you know it.


All in all, successful and consistent sports betting requires a lot of time and specific skills. However, that’s not the reason to give up – choose your strategy, experiment with your sports betting approach, be careful and thorough, and you will succeed!

If you want to try out these betting tips on your own, Parimatch is the best sportsbook to start! It is a well-known, trustworthy international platform with a wide variety of sports (including e-sports), betting options, and bet types (proposition bets, point spread, moneyline bets, multibets, etc.) available to bet on. You can easily deposit or withdraw your funds at any point in time, and many promotional offers are available to new and veteran gamblers.

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How do I win a bet every time?

There are several factors on how to win a bet every time:

  1. Choosing your sports and games. Instead of betting on various games and sports, choose one particular sport and stick to it.
  2. Don’t let your emotions and impulsiveness get the best of you. Pace yourself and set a limited bankroll you can afford.

What is the easiest bet to win?

Some popular betting strategies include the martingale, fixed amount, proportional, and Fibonacci betting strategies. The easiest bet bettors use strategically is a moneyline bet.

How do you bet without losing?

You can employ various strategies to bet without losing your money. These include doing adequate research on the game and players beforehand, sticking to a particular sport and mastering it, managing your bankroll, and knowing when to stop. You can also employ different technical betting strategies, such as the Martingale, to increase your wins and minimize losses.

What is the easiest sports bet to win?

Tennis is a simple and predictable sport. Tennis has a good chance of predicting the winner for beginners because it doesn’t draw.

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