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Today we’ll discuss a strategy that’s remarkably popular on all levels of the wagering gamut, which is halftime/full-time betting (HT-FT). This type of betting strategy gives punters the opportunity to push the odds up by betting on two outcomes at once. While less risky bettors may opt for safe strategies such as double chance betting, the only difference is that half-time/full-time wagers are a little riskier but provide significantly higher returns.

Are you the kind of punter who’s prepared to take a risk in order to up your rewards? Are you interested in finding a sports betting strategy that increases your profits? Reckon you’ve got the outcome in the bag and know your confidence will pay off? If this sounds like you, halftime/full-time might just be a top wagering strategy to consider.

Luckily for all Parimatch users, we provide a plethora of halftime-fulltime wagers. Whether you’re pre-match betting or placing wagers live, you can jump on the halftime full-time bet. You’ll be pleased to know that Parimatch offers halftime/full-time bets on a whole catalog of sports, from tennis to hockey, from volleyball to soccer. Equally, the dynamic platform hosts an impressive array of national and international sporting events, tournaments, leagues, and cups.

If you’re a little unsure what a half-time/full-time bet is, the Parimatch customer care team has put together this comprehensive guide to half-time / full-time betting. Breaking down the meaning of the term, this article will run through the pros and cons of halftime and full-time betting, along with the best use cases and an explanation of the odds. We’ll also give you a step-by-step run-through of how to place half-time/full-time bets on Parimatch.

Itching to know what it all means? Keep reading!

Halftime/Fulltime Betting Strategy

Halftime/full-time (HT/FT) bets belong in a category of strategies known as “double bets”. This is because when you place a half-time / full-time bet, you’re placing the first bet and second bet at once. While this reduces your chances of winning, this ups the odds as the bet is riskier.

What Is Half-Time / Full-Time Betting?

Half-time / full-time betting is pretty straightforward and does exactly what it is named after. If you are looking to place a half-time/full-time bet, you are placing two bets at the same time.

Here, you’re not predicting the score but which one team will be leading. In this sense, you’re placing one bet on which team leads at the halftime mark AND which team leads at the fulltime mark. In order for you to get paid for your bet, you need to have BOTH results correct.

How to Read HT FT Betting Odds

While half-time / full-time betting may look confusing at first, it’s pretty easy to understand. The “1” always represents the home team leading, while the “2” stands for the away team winning. An “X” stands for a full-time/half-time draw. Keep this in mind when wanting to make an accurate full-time / half-time draw prediction.

The result will be written as two outcomes (1,2, or draw) separated by a slash. The first outcome is the halftime lead, and the second number is the winner at full-time (both halves). So “1 / 2” means the home team leads at halftime, but the away team wins in the end. Alternatively, “2 / draw” stands for the away team leading at halftime and a draw at full time.

Let’s take this example between Chelsea (The Blues) and Crystal Palace (The Eagles):

1/1 1.91 2/X 22.00
X/1 1.10 1/2 60.00
2/1 23.00 X/2 19.00
1/X 19.00 2/2 16.00
X/X 9.00

As you can see from the table above, Chelsea is the clear favorite. The odds for a “1/1” result (Chelsea leading halfway and winning) have low odds of 1.91. If you bet 50,000 TZS on Chelsea to lead at halftime and win two halves, you’d win back 95,500 TZS, giving you a profit of 45,000 TZS.

However, as you can see, punters can increase their possible winnings if they think a draw would be likely at halftime, but ultimately Chelsea would win out. If you thought Crystal Palace were good starters but slow in the second half, this could be a good bet. The odds are higher than a straight Chelsea win, at 4.10. With a 50,000 TZS stake, and at the full time result you could make 155,000 TZS profit.

For more daring bettors, you may consider that Crystal Palace could have one over on The Blues at Stamford Bridge. In this case, you may bet on Chelsea to lead at halftime but for Crystal Palace to win in the end. With a 50,000 TZS stake, you’d be placing a bet with 60.00 odds, which would give you a possible profit of 3,000,000 TZS!

A Guide to Half-Time / Full-Time Predictions

In order to make money using half-time/full-time betting, research is your best friend. By getting a better understanding of the spread of possible outcomes over time, you’ll get a clearer idea of how often your particular combination occurs in the league or sporting event that you’re betting on.

Take the example of the Premier League football games, the English soccer league. Statistics from 2013/14 — 2017/18 show that a home lead at halftime and a home win at both halves are by far the most common combination of results, occurring 27.8% of the time. Interestingly, the second most common result is not any form of the draw, it’s that the away team leads at halftime, and the away team wins at full time. This happens 16.74% of the time. That’s over a 10% drop.

If you want to make money with less risk using halftime/full-time bets on the Parimatch platform, it’s advisable to bet on the home team to lead at halftime and to win at the final whistle. As this is the circumstance over a quarter of the time, you’re more likely to see returns than making a time bet on an away halftime lead and home win combination, which only occurs 2.16% of the time.

That said, in order to make serious money by betting on the favorite in a 1/1 bet, you’ll need to put up a significant stake. Imagine that you bet on this game between Newcastle and Bournemouth; there can be nine possible outcomes:

1/1 4.50 2/X 14.00
X/1 6.20 1/2 29.00
2/1 28.00 X/2 6.40
1/X 14.00 2/2 4.90
X/X 5.20

If you predict the most common result, you’d be wagering on Newcastle, as the home team, to lead at halftime and gain the victory in the end. As you can see from the table, the odds of a “1/1” result are 4.50. This means that if you place a 10,000 TZS stake on the bet, you’d make a 35,000 TZS profit. While this is an ok return, there’s much more money to be made by placing a much bigger stake. Say you betted on 100,000 TZS instead, you could make a profit of 350,000 TZS!

Another way to increase your possible returns by predicting half time / full time results is to capitalize on a team’s behavior. For example, it’s pretty common that Wolverhampton Wanderers will fall behind in the first half, yet rev it up at the end of the second half — often making miraculous comebacks. Leveraging this kind of knowledge, you can take advantage of higher odds such as in this future game with Aston Villa:

1/1 3.00 2/X 15.00
X/1 4.90 1/2 35.00
2/1 25.00 X/2 9.20
1/X 15.00 2/2 7.60
X/X 5.80

Here, there are high odds that Villa will lead in the first half, overtaken by Wolves in the second half. However, as this is pretty commonplace behavior for Wolves, it would be worth betting on this. You’d get 25.00 odds, meaning that a 10,000 TZS bet could turn a profit of 240,000 TZS!

Half-Time / Full-Betting Tips

While odds can give you a good feeling for how a game may play out, you’ll find that you can also use statistics to make half-time full-time predictions on which team is likely to win, depending on their status at halftime and whether they’re playing home or away.

What’s the Likelihood of a Home Team Winning with a Lead at Half Time?

As we’ve noted above, taking statistics into account when placing half-time/full-time bets is important. While a team’s recent performance and the odds can give you an indicator of the way the event may play out, it’s also vital that you consider the bigger picture.

When we consider a home team leading at halftime, the statistics from the last four years show that the home team is more than 80% likely to win the match if they are leading at halftime. This is a great statistic to keep in mind, especially if the home team is the favorite — as they’re even more likely to win.

That said, if the home team is not the favorite, the odds will be higher. This presents a great opportunity to make correct predictions and make real money with halftime/full-time bets on Parimatch.

Take this example of Crystal Palace versus Liverpool; at Crystal Palace’s ground, there can be nine possible outcomes at the same match:

1/1 14.00 2/X 18.00
X/1 15.00 1/2 23.00
2/1 60.00 X/2 4.20
1/X 20.00 2/2 2.03
X/X 8.40

While Crystal Palace is the home team, Liverpool is the favorite. In this sense, if you were to bet on Crystal Palace, you’d get higher odds as they’re the underdog. In half time / full time betting, you’ll get 14.00 odds on Crystal Palace leading at halftime and winning overall, and only 2.03 odds of Liverpool doing the same.

However, as we know from the stats, if Crystal Palace manages to pull away with a lead by halftime, there’s over an 80% chance they’ll win! If you were to bet 50,000 TZS on Crystal Palace to lead halfway and win, you’d make a tidy profit of 650,000 TZS.

What Are the Chances of the Each Team Winning with a Draw at Half Time?

Interestingly, a draw situation at halftime can go one of three ways. While it may seem that the favorite might be a winner in this scenario or that the home team would likely pull ahead, it’s pretty much “Even Stevens”. If there is a draw at halftime, there’s only a 36% chance that the home team will win, with a 37% chance that the away team will win and a 27% chance that there will be a draw.

In this sense, betting on a draw at halftime is far less likely to make you money as you only have around a third of a chance of being correct. If you really want to bet on a draw at halftime, it can often be worth placing 3 separate bets on the 3 draw outcomes: draw/1, draw/2, and draw/draw. This is only worthwhile if the stake is split evenly and the odds are above 3.1.

If the odds are relatively even across all 3 draw options and they’re not that high, it’s quite likely a halftime draw will occur. This often happens between two evenly-matched teams.

Take this example of Watford versus Burnley.

1/1 3.45 2/X 15.00
X/1 5.20 1/2 35.00
2/1 26.00 X/2 7.80
1/X 15.00 2/2 6.20
X/X 5.60

A draw followed by a Watford win would give odds of 5.20. A draw followed by a Burnley win gives odds of 7.80. A draw/draw has odds of 5.60. This means that if you placed a stake of 20,000 TZS on each outcome, as long as there is a draw at halftime, you’re guaranteed returns. The worst case scenario is a Watford win, giving a profit of 252,000 TZS. The best-case scenario would be a Burnley win, giving you a clear profit of 408,000 TZS.

What’s the Most Likely Result with a First Half Away Lead?

As we noted above, while it may seem that a favorite home team would win over an underdog away, even if the away team leads at halftime — this isn’t true. In fact, if the away team is leading halfway through the match, they’re more than 70% likely to win the whole game. If the away team is leading at halftime, the chance of a draw is just over 17%, leaving the home team less than a 10% chance of winning.

In this sense, if you’re betting on the away team, it’s best to place a 2/2 bet as a lead in the first half is likely to be a win.

Why Are Statistics So Important for Live Halftime/Fulltime Betting?

If you were to think over all the information above, you’d realize that if a team is leading by halftime, they most likely have a better chance to win the entire match — whether they are the home or away team.

Now, when betting on live sports, the odds are a little different from pre-match betting. With pre-match bets, the odds stay the same, and all bets are placed 2 hours before the game begins. Live betting is happening at the same time as the event. Any action that occurs in the game immediately translates to the odds, changing them to reflect what’s taken place. For example, if a player is sent off, the odds of that team winning will jump up dramatically as a win becomes far less likely.

Now, if you apply this method of thinking to HT/FT betting, you can cross this over with the above statistical knowledge. If you know that a home team that’s leading by the first half is likely to win the whole game, it’s a smart idea to place a half-time / full-time bet on the home team closer to the end of halftime. This is because home team halftime leads and full-time win have an 80% chance.

Equally, if the away team is leading toward the close of halftime, bet on the away team. There’s a 70% chance they’ll win in the end!

In this mind, half-time / full-time betting can be a particularly clever strategy to use when betting on a live football. Don’t think that’s all, though; Parimatch has live half-time / full-time betting on a bunch of sports, from basketball to handball, from hockey to volleyball!

How to Make Half-Time / Full-Time Predictions on Parimatch?

Thanks to our diverse range of sports betting strategies and global sporting events, you’ll be spoilt for choice on Parimatch. If you’re looking for a time market, Parimatch has an unprecedented array of popular betting markets and sporting events to wager on. From basketball to hockey, from handball to tennis, we offer halftime/fulltime bets on whatever sport takes your fancy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Placing Halftime/Fulltime Bets on Parimatch

If you’re new to Parimatch the best of all betting sites, or you’re just getting your head around our app, we’ve pieced together this step-by-step guide to give you a comprehensive explanation of how to place halftime/fulltime bets on Parimatch. Don’t panic! It’s super simple! The example below is for the soccer time market, but the process is similar for whichever sports you like.

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Parimatch account by heading to the “Sign Up” button on the top right of the Parimatch landing page. Follow the instructions to register your account in minutes.
  2. Once registered, sign in to your account and make a deposit so you’re ready with betting funds.
  3. All set? Head to the “Sport” section.
  4. You’ll now see a list of all the available sports for pre-match betting on Parimatch. Select “Football” from the list.
  5. Next, you’ll be taken to a list of available countries where Parimatch has soccer events to place bets on. Choose the country that your match is located in.
  6. When you click the country, a menu will drop down to offer you the available tournaments, leagues, championships, and cups to bet on.
  7. Click the event you’d like to bet on, and this will lead you to a list of all the available soccer matches included in this event. For example, clicking the Premier League will take you to all the league games for the season.
  8. Click the match on which you’d like to place a bet. This will lead you to the match page, where you’ll find the array of betting options that Parimatch makes available to all its users.
  9. Scroll down to find half-time/full-time bets. When you click the bet you’re interested in placing, the box will turn highlighted, and a number will appear in your bet slip.
  10. Once you’ve finished placing bets, you need to head to the bet slip to finalize your bets.
  11. If you are placing two or more bets, you can choose to place a parlay bet in the bet slip.
  12. To finalize your bets, scroll down and press the big button branded “Place bet”.

Why Bet on HT/FT with Parimatch?

Top Markets for HT/FT Betting

Parimatch users know that we’re compassionately dedicated to providing top-quality access to the broadest plethora of sports betting options in all of Africa. In our endeavor to do this, we’re bringing all our customers a vast range of full-time / half-time bets on different sports to whet their whistle and take their fancy.

Unparalleled Catalog of Sports for Halftime/Fulltime Bets

Parimatch is proud to offer a diverse array of sports for online betting. Opening online betting to Tanzania and Africa, Parimatch likes to ensure you can place half time / full time bets on whichever sport is your poison. That’s why our state-of-the-art betting platform enables you to place half time / full time bets on popular sports like soccer, rugby, American football, and hockey. Equally, we offer less popular sports such as handball and volleyball. On the Parimatch betting app, you’ll also find halftime/fulltime bets for cricket, ice hockey, futsal, water polo, tennis, and basketball.

Place Halftime/Fulltime Bets on Global Sporting Events

Not only do we bring diversity in the sports we offer, but Parimatch’s platform also enables users to access online betting for sporting events worldwide. From the NFL to the Premier League and even rugby league, from La Liga to the Cricket World Cup, we provide it all. Come and place half-time/full-time wagers on international tournaments, global cups, intercontinental leagues, and world titles.

Pre-Match, Live, and Virtual Halftime/Fulltime Bets

Whether you’re a busy person who likes to predict ahead of time or you like to cling on to the action, Parimatch enables users to access the full-time/halftime betting style that suits them. By offering all our customers access to pre-match, live, and virtual half-time / full-time bets on a vast range of sports, we have HT/FT bets available 24/7!

Other Bet Markets on Parimatch

Along with wagers on half-time and full-time, there is a variety of bets you can place on the Parimatch website and app:

Don’t Wait! Hop Over to Parimatch for Halftime/Fulltime Fun!

For those who were a little in the dark about full-time/half-time betting, sure half-time draw tips, and half-time full-time prediction suggestions, we hope these HT FT free tips have managed to help you understand a little more about how this strategy works when it’s appropriate, and how to make the best from the odds.

While betting odds can often tell us a little about the recent history of the team, they will often neglect the big picture. When we consider statistics in soccer for the last 4 years, it’s quite clear that a home team lead at halftime means an 80% chance of winning, while an away team lead at halftime means a 70% chance of winning.

Be savvy and plan ahead. Leverage these statistics to up your winnings when betting live, or employ these techniques when betting on virtual sports. Remember that you can always place a couple of single full-time/half-time bets to try and spread your risk. Make sure you always do the maths on the odds, though, to make sure any returns will cover the stake that you put down.

Don’t forget that the time market isn’t only limited to football. Parimatch’s next-generation Android/iOS online betting app gives you access to half-time / full-time market of an array of global sporting events. Our competitive odds and innovative platform make Parimatch a winner when it comes to HT/FT predictions. Also, we have a welcome bonus, so you can make free bets. But remember that free bet stakes are not included in returns.

If you need any further help with half-time / full-time bets, don’t hesitate to speak to our customer care team who are on hand every day to help our users. Find us on our platform through our 24/7 live chat function. Alternatively, give us a call on our 24/7 hotline or drop us an email.


What does full-time halftime/full-time mean in betting?

A full-time halftime/full-time bet refers to when you combine the results of both the half-time and full-time match when placing your wager. In reality, the team’s win during both halves at home is a home team/home team. On the other hand, the opposing/away team’s win in the first half and loss in the full-time game is a team/home team.

What does halftime/full-time draw mean in betting?

A halftime/full-time draw in betting refers to when you place a wager and predict the team that will be leading at the half team and which team will be leading at full time. Now, this betting comes with three possible outcomes, i.e., home team leading, away team leading, or both teams at a draw.

What is the meaning of halftime/full-time in football?

Halftime/full-time in football means placing a double bet on the same match. This form of betting allows you to place a wager on the outcome for the first half of the game and another wager for the second half. In soccer, this type of betting can have up to nine possible outcomes.

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