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Do you know that betting on the UFC fights allows you to make quite a profit? In fact, UFC fights have millions of fans from all over the globe. It’s the most prestigious mixed martial arts organization in the world that offers many opportunities for betting.

There are 12 or even more fights per one event and all of them can be absolutely different. Therefore, learning the basics of UFC betting is of utmost importance. If you wish to be a successful bettor, you can’t make your bets randomly. You need to do a comprehensive research about the fighters, their experience, state of health, and other factors that can influence the course of fights.

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest-growing sports and this creates a superb opportunity for experienced sports bettors in Tanzania to make some money. No matter whether you are a professional bettor or you are new to this area, betting on the UFC fights is something that requires you to think carefully before each fight. All the fights have to be broken down systematically to make sure your predictions are right and you place correct bets to increase your profits.

Well, how to bet on UFC fights? What factors to consider? What should you do to make winning bets? Get comfortable and dive into our guide!

How to Read UFC Odds on Parimatch?

When it comes to betting on the UFC fights, knowing how UFC betting works and how to understand the odds is of utmost importance. Even if you are new to betting, you’ll easily understand how to read the odds. Let’s begin with the basics. Betting odds are numbers that show how risky and how profitable a bet can be. To put it simply, they demonstrate a probability to win and how much money you can get if you bet on this or that fighter.

However, various betting platforms use different odds formats. Parimatch is a user-friendly service. Therefore, we are using decimal odds by default. However, all users of our mobile application can easily switch to other formats if they wish.

In decimal format, all your odds will be demonstrated as a number with two decimal places. For example: 1.35 vs 3.65.

Let’s read the odds based on a fight between Jon Jones and Jan Blachowicz.

Betting on UFC on Parimatch website

Here, the odds of Jones winning are 1.45 and the chances of Blachowicz winning are 2.62. These numbers demonstrate the amount that you could win if you have a correct prediction. If you place a 10,000 TZS bet on Jones to win, you will multiply your UFC odds by 10,000. This is 1.45 x 10,000=14,500 (your return). Your profit is 4.500 TZS. Before wagering on your favorite fighter, make sure you understand the odds and realize how much you can spend or lose.

Need help? Here’s our guide on how to read and calculate sports betting odds.

Tips for Betting on UFC

Let’s review some of the best UFC betting tips that will undoubtedly help you make the right bets.

Don’t bet on every fight

Unfortunately, some inexperienced bettors think that the more often they bet, the more chances to win they have. However, that’s a mistake. There’s no need to bet on every single flight. Even if you pick the winner of every fight and take advantage of expected value errors in lines, it would be more profitable if you put more money on bigger edges.

Never bet on fighters you actually don’t know. It would be better if you explore the fighter’s capabilities before the combat, learn the skills of his opponent, and only then wager on him. Mind that there are hundreds of UFC fights and nothing happens if you miss some of them.

Consider the fight location

Not everything depends on the skills of a fighter. The location should also be considered before wagering on fighters. Therefore, be sure to learn everything about the location of the upcoming fight.

For example, the fight in a city that is located high above the sea level can be very complicated because of the lack of oxygen. If a fighter has never trained in such environments, it would be difficult for him to win. Before wagering on the UFC fights, you have to check information about the fighter, where he is from, and where he was training before.

You should also check the fighter’s travel time. This factor can also influence the course of a fight. For instance, if an athlete had a long and exhausting flight before the fight night, his energy is not going to be at a 100% level.

Study the fighter’s style

It goes without saying that various fighters have absolutely different styles of fighting. Some of them can easily match up with other styles whereas others may have more problems than you might think. The best recommendation here is to learn more about a certain fighter and his fighting style before the events.

Check the fighter’s health and well-being

Remember that some injuries can be devastating to a fighter and even ruin his career. Therefore, you have to check this information before absolutely each fight. On top of that, you have to learn everything that might influence the fighter’s performance.

Check the fighter’s training partners

You have to check out what caliber of fighters he is training with. Mind that a fighter’s success partially depends on this factor too. If he is fighting with inexperienced fighters or no-name guys, in all likelihood, he won’t show good results in the ring. But if a fighter trains with champions, there are more chances that he will show superb results and he is ready to bang.

Make prop bets

Some inexperienced bettors think that they can only bet on winners or losers. However, there’s also a host of prop bets that you can also use and make very profitable bets. In this case, you can bet on how the flight will end or when the fight will end. But these bets require you to be more precise while trying to predict the outcome. However, you have a chance to get bigger payouts! Trying to predict how the flight is expected to go is a very interesting and funny experience.

How to Make a Bet on UFC on Parimatch

Parimatch is a well-known and trusted betting platform in Tanzania. We have many years of experience in this niche and an excellent reputation on the market. Moreover, Parimatch is the best betting platform in Africa where you can wager on your favorite tournaments.

You can also download our betting app that allows you to wager on your favorite fighters on the go.

Let’s try to find out how to bet on UFC fights on Parimatch. Here’s a comprehensive list of the main steps to follow:

1. Log in or create your account

First, you need to log in or create your account and deposit money. On average, it takes just a few minutes.

2. Go to the Parimatch website and choose the sport to bet on
Parimatch Tanzania website with sports to bet on

As you can see, on Parimatch you can bet on a wide array of sports, including the UFC. So click on the UFC section and you’ll see a list of all fights.

3. Choose the fight

After you look through a list of all fights, you should make a choice. Click on the chosen pair of fighters and you’ll see the following:

UFC fight to bet on Parimatch Tanzania website

On Parimatch, you can also bet on rounds.

Round betting on Parimatch

Let’s go on!

4. Choose how much you wish to bet

When you click on a single bet, you’ll see the following menu:

Betslip on Parimatch betting website

Choose whether you want to bet 500, 1000, or 5000 TZS (or enter a different sum).


On Parimatch, you can bet on the UFC fights, football, baseball, motorsports, and a wide array of other sports in a few simple clicks. And with our mobile app, you can easily do this on the go, being anywhere in the world!

But if you wish to get a good profit, you have to be very attentive. You shouldn’t rely on luck. Monitor the injury reports, learn the odds, know the pace the fighters usually compete at, watch the weigh-ins, and the location of the championship. There’s always some research behind deliberate bets! Though betting on UFC fights seems to be overwhelming at first, following all these pieces of advice you’ll undoubtedly derive a huge benefit!

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