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Exciting soccer events are ahead and, no doubt, you’re raring to kick off your 2021 football betting strategy. Are you sitting there wondering “What is the best app for betting on football in 2021?”. If you haven’t heard of Tanzania’s most intuitive betting app ⁠— Parimatch ⁠— you’re seriously missing out.

Not only does Parimatch give all users access to the broadest spectrum of high-quality betting options in Africa, but our plethora of international games and championships are also second-to-none.

But it’s not just our range of soccer events available for betting that makes the Parimatch app so good. It’s also our incredible customer service, generous bonus schemes, ease of accessibility, and sleek next-generation betting dashboard.

Don’t believe Parimatch is the best soccer betting application? Here are the reasons you should already have downloaded the Parimatch betting app for 2021.

6 Reasons why Parimatch App is the Best for Soccer Betting

What is the best soccer betting app this year? Parimatch, of course!

As this year’s football season kicks off, finding yourself a reliable place for football betting online is vital. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a long line at the bookies in the pouring rain or forget to put a wager on a game altogether.

Luckily, here at Parimatch, we’ve got your back. We aim to provide the smoothest betting application for a global audience, offering all the most popular football games to bet on in a secure, easy-to-navigate environment.

That’s why we’re confident that the Parimatch betting app is the best soccer betting app on the market. And here’s why…

1. Client-Ready Android and iOS App Available Now

At Parimatch, we understand that you want a convenient location to place your football bets. That’s why we designed an intuitive Android/iOS app to serve the needs of our customers this football season. You can easily download Parimatch APK from our website — This app is designed to create a sleek betting experience on any Android phone or iPhone.

At Parimatch, we’re concerned with user experience. This is why we tried and tested our dashboard, using the feedback to enhance the soccer betting experience for everyone — no matter how tech-minded you may or may not be!

From the first click to the moment you place a bet, the Parimatch betting app’s dashboard is simple-to-follow. Designed to be intuitive, our platform guides you smartly through the betting processes to ensure you’ve picked the right game, chosen correct odds, and submitted everything accurately.

With top security, a solid totalizator, and incredibly agile algorithms, our dashboard is responsive to high traffic, making it a fast, reliable, and secure platform for 2021 soccer betting.

2. Diverse Range of Popular and Niche International Soccer Matches

There is nothing more annoying than having to trail round a string of bookmakers to try and place your range of soccer wagers. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could make football bets all in one place from the comfort of your own home?

Parimatch soccer betting app provides an exceptionally diverse catalog of national and international soccer games. Parimatch offers a wealth of bets on popular leagues, such as the UK Premier League, German Bundesliga, or Spanish La Liga and international championships such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Cup, and FA Cup. Equally, Parimatch caters for the more niche audience, with access to soccer events such as the Australian Women’s football, Russian friendly games, and Algerian league games.

3. Live and Pre-Match Betting

Get in before the game starts with our range of pre-match betting options. You can discover soccer bets on everything from cards and fouls to over/under bets.

Parimatch also offers live soccer betting for passionate wagers in the throws of the match. Think the tides might turn? Reckon Messi will score again? Want to make bets on the second half? Head over to the live betting options on the Parimatch app.

4. Strategic Soccer Betting Options

If you like to use your head as well as your heart when it comes to placing soccer bets, Parimatch indulges your passion for logical thinking with our vast range of betting options. For strategic soccer bettors, you’ll find our betting options clearly listed across the top tabs of the soccer section of the website.

There you will find options for such strategies as “double chance”, “over/under”, handicaps, cards and fouls (pre-match bets only), parlay bets, system bets, and much more. Here you can find out more about our top football betting strategies.

5. Simple Mobile Deposit Options

We believe in providing access to everyone who wants to bet on soccer for real money. That’s why our app makes it easy for you to make a deposit using a couple of payment options. We support both mobile payments from Tigo Pesa and M-Pesa, making it straightforward to top-up your betting account and place soccer bets.

Learn more about making your first deposit on Parimatch in our detailed guide.

6. Impeccable Customer Service

Unlike other tech outfits, Parimatch believes in making sure the customer experience of our betting app is top quality. That’s why we’ve given you a whole host of help options on the Parimatch betting app to guide you through our processes and dashboard if you get a little stuck.

Customers can head to our FAQ to learn about deposits, withdrawals, types of bets, account settings, and to address other functional queries. If you’d like to contact our customer support, we have a telephone helpline and an email address, with forward-thinking support staff dedicated to dealing with your enquiries seven days a week.

What’s on Offer on the Parimatch Soccer Betting App?

The Parimatch soccer betting app is designed as a one-stop-shop for all your football betting needs. With the broadest range of soccer events available for betting in Africa, Parimatch brings a whole new meaning to seamless strategic soccer betting.

Learn what you’ll get before proceeding to Parimatch app download:

  • Top range of popular sporting leagues, from UK’s Premier League to Germany’s Bundesliga
  • International championships and cups, from the FIFA World Cup to the ELF Cup
  • Wide variety of strategic betting options, including double chance, halftime bets, over/under, correct scores, handicap, systems bets, and parlay bets
  • Live and pre-match betting available
  • Simple payment methods
  • Intuitive interface for easy use
  • Welcome bonus

How to Download Parimatch Soccer Betting App

At Parimatch, we believe in making things easy. Nobody wants to be waiting in line at all different bookies looking for all the right bets — that’s why Parimatch has made a one-stop betting app for all your soccer betting needs.

Downloading the Parimatch soccer betting app is a piece of cake.

  • First, head to the settings on your phone and click to the security tab
  • Enable the slider marked as “Unknown Source”
  • Next, on your phone, head to the official Parimatch website —
  • Click the central button and select “Apps Android/iOS” for Parimatch APK download
  • Once clicked, the app will begin downloading
  • Once downloaded, click “Open”
  • Next, click “Install”
  • The Parimatch app will install automatically from here
  • Once everything is installed, you’re ready to deposit and place a bet on soccer

How to Make Your First Soccer Bet on the Parimatch App

All set up and ready to go? If not, you need to download the Parimatch app, register your account, and make your first deposit. That way, you’ll be ready to place your first football bet on Parimatch.

On the landing page, you can choose either pre-match soccer betting by clicking the “Sport” tab in the menu or select the “Live” tab for live betting.

From here click the “Football” tab in the top menu to view all soccer games. You’ll find an incredible array of league and championship games to bet on from countries all over the world. Both national and international games are available here, alongside friendly matches.

To place your first soccer bet on Parimatch:

  • Choose either live or pre-match betting
  • Click the soccer tab on the top menu to see all games available
  • All games are listed with popular odds underneath. To see more odds, click the game you want to bet on
  • Once you find the game you’d like to bet on, you can either click the popular odds under the game or click the game’s title to see more betting options
  • Once through the game page, click through the betting strategy options in the top menu
  • Chose your odds and you’ll see the number increase under “My bets” in the bottom menu
  • In order to place system bets, you need to choose 3 or more matches to bet on
  • Finished choosing bets? Head to “My bets” to finish off
  • Place parlay or system bets in the “My bets” tab
  • In “My bets”, you can choose parlay or system bets
  • If you’re ready to go, click “Place bet”

Don’t Forget Your Football Betting Bonus

As we noted above, we’re delighted to welcome you to the Parimatch betting app — the best soccer betting app in Africa. To show our gratitude, we give all our new customers a bonus for joining the Parimatch platform. When you make your first deposit, we will double it up to 1,000,000 TZS bonus to thank you.

Don’t miss out on free soccer online bets with our generous welcome bonus packages. Download the Parimatch app now to get your free soccer betting bonuses!

Start Placing Soccer Bets Today!

Parimatch welcomes the new football season with our intuitive sports betting app designed as a one-stop-shop for all your soccer betting requirements. You can now enjoy placing global soccer bets straight from the click of a button, with a wide variety of international leagues and championships on offer.

By downloading the Parimatch APK, you’ll not only get access to our diverse catalog of football matches, but you’ll also find a comprehensive selection of soccer betting strategies on offer, to satisfy your tactical side while betting real money.

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