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Parimatch isn’t the same as any old betting platform. Parimatch legal and safe sports betting platform and state-of-the-art Android/iOS app have been designed to provide unprecedented access to the widest selection of the best betting options in Tanzania — no matter where you are.

To ensure all our customers have the freedom to access our stunning array of sporting events, we’ve partnered with Vodacom to allow all our customers to pay using M-Pesa. A handy service for paying via your mobile phone, M-Pesa enables Parimatch users to access deposits and withdrawals from wherever they are.

Featuring a plethora of betting options and top-notch sporting bets, users can enjoy betting on everything from hockey to volleyball, from soccer to esports. Using M-Pesa as your mode of payment means you can bet on our incredible range of international and national sporting championships, tournaments, and matches in just a few clicks. Whether you’re into prematch, live, or virtual sports betting, we’ve seamlessly integrated M-Pesa, Airtel, Tigo Pesa, and Halo Pesa payments so you can place bets day and night without any hassle.

If you want to know how to make a deposit with Vodacom, we’ve put together this easy guide to help you step by step!

A Quick Guide to Depositing on Parimatch Using M-Pesa

If you’ve been using Vodacom and M-Pesa for a long time, you might already be familiar with the procedure. If that’s not the case, our customer service team has put together this quick bullet-point guide of how to deposit to player accounts on Parimatch via Vodacom:

  • Step 1 — Call Vodacom on *150*00#
  • Step 2 — After dialing, choose option 4 to pay using M-Pesa
  • Step 3 — Choose 4 to enter the business number
  • Step 4 — Put in Parimatch’s business number — 351144
  • Step 5 — Enter your phone number
  • Step 6 — Insert the sum you would like to deposit*
  • Step 7 — Enter your 4-digit pin code
  • Step 8 — Confirm the payment by pressing 1
  • Step 9 — You’re now ready to play!

*Note that the minimum deposit is 100 TZS and the maximum is 500,000 TZS.

Check out this video to guide you through the depositing process with M-Pesa:

How to Open a Vodacom M-Pesa Account to Deposit on Parimatch

For Vodacom users, M-Pesa is a super handy way to pay for things on the go. Giving you access to mobile payments, an M-Pesa account enables you to place deposits on Parimatch via your Vodacom phone. If you’re unsure how to do this, you need to register an M-Pesa account. Vodacom provides an M-Pesa account to each new active customer.

Existing unregistered customers may visit the Vodacom shop and register. After the completion of electronic registration — one will get the possibility to activate the M-Pesa account.

A Detailed Guide on How to Deposit on Parimatch via Vodacom’s M-Pesa

If you’ve only just registered for your Vodacom M-Pesa account, you may not be an expert on how to pay using mobile payments. When depositing on Parimatch via M-Pesa, you’ll be using this mobile payment mechanism. While it may be a little tricky to get your head around at first, it’s the same method every time, so it gets easier!

As soon as you’ve made a deposit, you can start betting on our desktop platform or our next-generation Android/iOS betting app.

  • Step 1 — Call Vodacom or go to M-Pesa menu

Option 1. Call Vodacom on *150*00# to access the payment line. This will connect you directly with the platform that enables mobile payments over the phone.

Option 2. Alternatively, go to the M-Pesa menu on your phone. Once in the menu, select “Lipa na M-Pesa” or “Pay with M-Pesa”.

  • Step 2 — Choose to pay a bill

The automated Vodacom phone system will give you a selection of options. You want to head to the fourth option to pay bills. This enables you to make payments to external companies such as Parimatch. Click 4 to head to “Pay Bills”.

  • Step 3 — Enter the business number of Parimatch

Option 1. The phone system will prompt you to dial 4. This will put you through to the section where you enter the business number of the company you would like to pay. In this case, you need to enter Parimatch’s unique business reference number to enter, which is 351144.

Option 2. On the following screen of the M-Pesa menu, you will need to enter Parimatch’s business number — 351144.

Whichever option you use, you must dial the business number correctly. If you enter the wrong reference number, you’ll find that the money either bounces back or heads to the wrong business account!

The following steps are the same for both depositing options (dialing or on-screen menu).

  • Step 4 — Enter your mobile phone number

At the next stage, the system will ask you to enter your reference number or your mobile account number. This is the mobile phone number linked to your Vodacom account. This helps Vodacom to identify who the payment is being sent from. By entering your phone number, you verify the payment is being sent from you to Parimatch.

  • Step 5 — Enter the deposit amount

The system will ask you how much you’d like to deposit into your Parimatch account. Think carefully about this as you probably don’t want to keep repeating the whole process often. You can keep funds in your Parimatch account for the next time you play. Equally, however, don’t get carried away. You should only bet what you can afford to lose.

Remember that you can deposit any sum from 100 TZS to 500,000 TZS.

Type in the amount you’d like to deposit into your Parimatch account. Use the keypad to add whole numbers.

  • Step 6 — Enter your PIN code

As mentioned above, when you sign up for your Vodacom M-Pesa account, you’ll be asked to register a PIN code with your account. This keeps your account safe and prevents hackers from phoning the company to pay for goods with your telephone number. It is important to keep this number safe from onlookers, but don’t forget it, otherwise, you won’t be able to deposit on the Parimatch betting platform.

  • Step 7 — Confirm your payment

One of the top problems that customer service deals with is people forgetting to confirm their payments. You go through the whole M-Pesa process to deposit into your Parimatch account, but right at the last moment, you put the phone down too soon.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to confirm your payment to Parimatch by pressing 1 (on the dial system) or by clicking “OK” (in the on-screen menu). This confirmation sends the fund directly to Parimatch, so we can top up your betting account.

  • Step 8 — Get betting!

By confirming your payment, you send your funds straight from Vodacom to your Parimatch betting account. You should be able to see the added money in your Parimatch account on either the Android/iOS app or the desktop platform. The funds should usually appear within a couple of hours.

If you’ve waited for 24 hours and there’s still no deposit into your Parimatch account, contact our customer service team. Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you locate the funds. You can either contact us via our Live Chat, call us 24/7, or send an email.

How Long Will My Vodacom Deposit Take to Show in My Parimatch Account?

M-Pesa payments should happen straight away. Once you’ve popped your details in and confirmed the payment to Parimatch, it’s headed our way. We receive the payment and direct it to you to top up your Parimatch betting account. This should happen almost instantly or within a couple of hours.

My M-Pesa Deposit Isn’t Showing in My Parimatch Account

If your M-Pesa deposit hasn’t shown up in your Parimatch account, you want to make sure it was actually sent there! Go back into your M-Pesa account to ensure the payment was sent. As we said before, often people neglect to press 1 or “OK” to confirm, and the payment never gets sent.

If this isn’t the issue, it’s worth hanging on for 24 hours. This ensures that the system is updated fully and any bottlenecked deposits are assigned to the right account.

If you’ve done all of the above and you’re still not seeing a payment in your Parimatch account, you need to have a chat with our customer service team.

Always on hand to ensure that our customers receive the best user experience, you can find us through our Live Chat on the website. If you’d like to call, our number is 0-800-75-02-08, and lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have a direct email address — [email protected] — where you can reach customer service, and someone will return your email within 24 hours. Another two ways to reach us — Telegram bot @Parimatch_TANZANIA_bot or Whatsapp +255 766 880 026.

Why Deposit on Parimatch Via M-Pesa

If you’re an old hand at mobile payments, you’ll know the benefits that M-Pesa can bring. Never again are you caught short again without a method of payment on the go. Providing a secure and direct line to paying for goods and services, M-Pesa makes paying for things much more convenient.

If you’re still unsure about why you should deposit on Parimatch via M-Pesa, here are a few pointers of why the system is so great. By pairing together the Parimatch betting app with M-Pesa payments, you all have access to our wealth of global sports bets from anywhere you are. Simply call Vodacom and deposit in your Parimatch betting account to start placing wagers!

Here’s why we think you should register for M-Pesa and deposit on Parimatch today:

  • Registration is easy

To register for an M-Pesa account, you simply have to call Vodacom and work your way through their automated system. Unlike registering for a bank account, Vodacom’s system has no arduous paperwork or expensive fees. You simply call Vodacom and you’re done in a few minutes!

  • It’s a top technology

While a lot of payment platforms offer very slow technology, the Vodacom M-Pesa platform is state-of-the-art. This allows it to cope with a lot of traffic, preventing the system from crashing. Payments are made almost instantaneously, and the dashboard is robust and easy to use.

  • Fees are low

Transferring money with banks can be super expensive. Often credit cards also carry extra fees. The difference with M-Pesa is that you can pay for goods and services, such as Parimatch betting, without feeling weighed down by expensive fees.

  • It’s available everywhere

Never again will you be without a method of payment. Thanks to M-Pesa, you can top your Parimatch betting account up at any time, in any place. This gives you access to global bets while you’re out and about.

More about Making a Deposit on Parimatch

We hope you learned how to deposit on Parimatch with Vodacom (M-Pesa)! But did you know you can also deposit using Tigo Pesa, Airtel, or HaloPesa? Check out our detailed guide on making the first deposit on Parimatch if you experience any problems or just need more details. Easily top up your Parimatch account straight from your mobile phone, accessing our broad range of bets immediately from the tap of a button. Now it’s time to bet and win!

If you want to learn about other ways to make money online in Tanzania, please, follow the link.

And whenever you need help, you can also contact the Parimatch support team!


How do I deposit Parimatch?

To deposit at Parimatch, you have first to register the account. After registration, you can load cash into the account using mobile payment wallets, such as Vodacom Mpesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, or Halopesa.

How can I deposit my Parimatch with Airtel Money?

To deposit cash on your Airtel Money account, dial *150*60# on your phone. Go to option 5 (Make Payments) and choose option 4 to enter the Parimatch business number (351144). You will then be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit (minimum is Tsh.500) and confirm the transaction by entering your Airtel Money password.

How do you withdraw from Parimatch?

To withdraw money from Parimatch, sign into your account and tap the Finances section at the top right corner. Click on the Withdraw section, choose the withdrawal option and confirm the withdrawal.

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