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Do you enjoy sports betting but lack time to do it in a physical betting house? Using platforms like Parimatch Tanzania allows you to enjoy online. However, many first-time gamblers always have that one question on the back of their minds, “Is Parimatch safe to use in Tanzania?”

We just may have answers to the question. Parimatch Tanzania is an online sports betting platform offering a rich range of betting opportunities. Whether you are a fan of football, basketball, horse riding, and even table tennis, our online platform lets you place your bets on countless matches all day long from anywhere you are in the country.

If this is not enough, Parimatch Tanzania also offers a ubiquitous display of online based games you can bet on. This means that even when there aren’t any live tournaments or leagues going on, you can still enjoy massive wins on bets.

However, before you enjoy access to these countless betting opportunities, it’s important to do your due diligence. Here is a detailed look into whether or not Parimatch is safe or not.

Is Parimatch Legal in Tanzania?

Parimatch is legal in Tanzania. Parimatch Tanzania is licensed by the responsible legal authorities and operates by meeting all the required standards for operating an online betting site in the country.

Parimatch Tanzania operates under the company, Ultimate Gaming System Limited, using the site name – Ultimate Gaming System Limited is incorporated under the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania and holds a legal sports betting license, with the number SBI000000012, issued on 3rd March 2022, by the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

Further, the legal online sports betting app operated its site and app under the authority of the Gaming Board of Tanzania, under license number OCL000000004, issued on the 23rd May 2022. With these licenses and legal permission to operate, Parimatch is one of Africa’s safest online sports betting sites.

The licenses also allow us to operate all across Tanzania. So, as long as you have access to a PC, laptop, or smart mobile device with an internet connection, you can place your bet anywhere in Tanzania.

The full registration and licensing in Tanzania also allow Parimatch to legally offer any betting opportunities on the site, as long as it follows ethical gaming practices. As a safe online betting platform committed to protecting the integrity and trust of our customers, Parimatch is a completely secure betting app and site that follows ethical gaming and betting practices in accordance with Tanzanian laws.

However, it is important to note that the legal betting and gambling age in Tanzania is 18 years and older. So, to remain one of the best legal sports betting sites and observe the law, Parimatch only permits individuals aged 18 to place bets and cash out their wins.

Is Parimatch Tanzania Safe?

Parimatch Tanzania is one of the safest online sports betting sites. Our platform is fully licensed and enjoys the privilege of operating across Tanzania, offering a wide range of betting opportunities.

As part of the license, our platform is mandated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania to follow the nation’s and global gaming rules and laws to ensure ethical practices and integrity. These laws are also put in place to protect users like yourself.

However, Parimatch is also a globally reputed company with nearly 3 decades in the betting industry. We are known for being one of the safest online sports betting sites, offering our customers a safe, honest, and trustworthy platform. Therefore, our core goal is to maintain the same level of safety for our customers in Tanzania to continue running a secure betting app and site.

Is Parimatch a Scam?

No, Parimatch is not a scam. Parimatch is one of the fully licensed legal sports betting sites operating in Tanzania legally. In Tanzania, Parimatch is licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania to ensure it is legitimate and operates by following the country’s gaming and betting laws.

Considered one of the best legal online casino sites, Parimatch has garnered a reputation of nearly 3 decades of operating in various countries globally.  In Africa, Parimatch operates in countless countries and is licensed by the respective gaming boards and authorities.

Download the Parimatch App

Downloading the Parimatch app is pretty simple, check out the video below to find out how:

Is Parimatch Withdrawal Safe?

Parimatch withdrawal is very safe. The Parimatch platform is fully registered and licensed by the Gaming Board in Tanzania to allow for legal operation nationwide. However, like any other business operating license, the operating license offered by the Gaming Board of Tanzania comes with conditions.

To continue enjoying this privilege, Parimatch must follow all the gaming laws of Tanzania and remain safe and legitimate. Therefore, if users are discovered to be at risk, including suffering from unsafe withdrawal methods, Parimatch will risk losing its license to operate in the country.

Further, Parimatch has maintained nearly 3 decades of clean and trustworthy reputation across various countries globally. At Parimatch, we take pride in this and strive to continue practicing integrity and trust to remain the safest online sports betting sites in the world.

In this case, the Parimatch Tanzania withdrawal is completely safe and gives users a very easy way to cash out their wins. To easily access your cash from Parimatch, you can withdraw money using simple Mobile Money wallets, including Vodacom Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Halo Pesa.


If you are ready to start your online betting journey, whether the Parimatch app is safe should not bother you anymore. Parimatch Tanzania is safe and legal to use in the country if you are 18 years and older.

Parimatch maintains a global reputation for trustworthiness, integrity, and safety. We at Parimatch also strive to maintain this nearly 30-year reputation. If this commitment isn’t enough, in every country it operates, Parimatch is mandated by law to follow the country’s legal requirements.

Failure to stick to the legal requirements risks the forfeiture of the license. So, in Tanzania, bettors can rest assured that they are safe and their winnings are secure when using Parimatch, in accordance with the regulations mandated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania.

It’s time to start enjoying the myriad of betting opportunities available on Parimatch. You are just one step away from enjoying your wins, i.e. registering on Parimatch.


Can we trust Parimatch Tanzania?

Yes, Parimatch Tanzania can certainly be trusted. Parimatch is one of the safest sports betting apps in Tanzania. The platform is fully licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania and legally authorized to operate in the country. Parimatch also comes with nearly 3 decades of experience in the betting and online casino industry and bears a clean reputation of trust and integrity.

Is Parimatch a trusted app in Tanzania?

Parimatch is a very trusted app in Tanzania. You can easily download the Parimatch app via iOS or Android devices and start to bet anywhere you are in Tanzania. All you need is access to an internet connection.

Is Parimatch in Tanzania?

Parimatch is among the best legal online casinos operating in Tanzania. Parimatch is legally licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania to operate in the country online.

Is Parimatch Tanzania safe to use?

Parimatch is one of the safest online betting platforms to use in Tanzania. In addition to its licensing and regulation by the Gaming Board of Tanzania, Parimatch employs its own safety standards to ensure users are safe. Parimatch has nearly 3 decades of trusted reputation in the betting and online casino world, which it thrives on maintaining.

Is Parimatch Tanzania legit?

Yes, Parimatch Tanzania is legitimate. The Gaming Board of Tanzania fully licenses the platform to operate fully as an online casino and betting platform. When you use Parimatch, you should expect a true online casino experience, including the ability to withdraw your winnings easily.

Is Parimatch Tanzania a scam?

No, Parimatch Tanzania is not a scam. Parimatch Tanzania is a fully licensed online casino and betting platform. It is also regulated by the Gaming Board of Tanzania to ensure compliance with the laws. Parimatch is also a trusted and reputable platform with a presence in multiple countries across Africa and Asia.

Is Parimatch Tanzania a fraud?

Parimatch Tanzania is not a fraud. This trusted and reputable platform is fully licensed by the Gaming Board of Tanzania and legally permitted to operate in the country. As expected by any licensed online casino and betting platform, Parimatch follows all the gaming laws and regulations of Tanzania. Parimatch also has a presence across various countries in Africa.

Can I withdraw money from Parimatch in Tanzania?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Parimatch in Tanzania. Parimatch Tanzania offers an easy withdrawal method, letting you access your winnings from anywhere you are. You can withdraw money from Parimatch in Tanzania using different mobile money wallets, including Vodacom Mpesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, and HaloPesa.

How long does withdrawal from Parimatch Tanzania take?

It takes a few minutes to withdraw money from Parimatch Tanzania. But, sometimes, there may be some technical glitches. If 8 hours pass without receiving your money, you should contact Parimatch customer support.

How do I withdraw from Parimatch in Tanzania?

To withdraw from Parimatch in Tanzania, log into your Parimatch account. On the account dashboard, click on the Withdraw button (at the top right corner on the web browser or bottom right corner of the app). Select the operator you used to deposit money and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Parimatch Tanzania allows a TZS 2000 withdrawal minimum.

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