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With South Africa becoming a world leader in video game design and development, eSports betting is taking center stage among the African gaming community, especially in Tanzania.

But what are eSports?

eSports (Electronic Sports) are computer-facilitated competitions – or in other words, organized competitive video gaming.

People all over the world flock to bookmakers like Parimatch to play with others and win some money while at it.

Read on to learn more about eSports betting and learn tips on how to successfully bet on them.

What is Esports Betting?

ESports betting is the placement of wagers on virtual sports events. It is similar to traditional sports betting in the way it operates.

On Parimatch, you can bet on a host of eSports, including Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike.

Many of the same principles apply to eSports betting and athletic sports betting, which is a plus for seasoned bettors. For example, Parimatch uses the decimal odds system for both. Bettors can also switch to other odds formats they are familiar with on the Parimatch app.

Seasoned bettors from Tanzania can make the seamless transition without having to learn any new odds systems as a result.

Read on to learn about the different eSports betting types on the Parimatch app and website.

How to Bet on Esports

Betting on eSports on Parimatch is easy. New bettors can follow the steps below.

  • Download the Parimatch betting app or visit the Parimatch betting website

Parimatch Tanzania is the best eSports betting website in Tanzania. It covers most of the available eSports tournaments and events available to bet on. It also has competitive odds with a wide range of markets. On Parimatch, you can also bet live on eSports and stream the games. The cashout feature is also active for eSports betting on the Parimatch betting platform.

  • Create your betting account

After downloading the Parimatch app or visiting the Parimatch betting website, you need to create and verify your account. You cannot access eSports content – or any other betting content, for that matter – unless you do so. Complete the registration form and verify it using the link that will be sent to your email. After that, you can access the Parimatch lobby (home page).

  • Choose a payment method and make a deposit

Not all payment methods available worldwide provide services for Tanzania. This is a big part of sports betting. Check out the available payment options on the Parimatch betting platform and choose the ones that work for you. When you do, make your first deposit, and you are one step closer to making your first eSports bet. You must note that you do not deposit less than the minimum. It is even more important to note that you should not deposit funds that you do not see as disposable.

  • Place your bets

Finally, place your bets. Before you do so, make sure to have researched the games, read tips from the betting experts, and understand the game you want to bet on.

Also, take time to go through the available odds for the available games on the Parimatch app and compare them. After that, place your bet depending on your findings. Once the bet slip is submitted, you must wait for the outcome to find out whether you have won.

eSports Betting Types

Experienced bettors in Tanzania will find that eSports betting is similar to traditional/athletic sports betting. In line with this knowledge, it is good also to note that there are types of eSports betting.

Here’s a breakdown of the top eSports betting types available on Parimatch and how they work.

  • eSports moneyline betting

In a moneyline market, you are betting on who you think will win the match. The decimal odds reflect which team is the favorite to win. The closer the odds, the more even the match is predicted to be — and vice versa.

Moneyline betting on eSports matches

  • eSports totals betting

In a totals market, you are betting on whether you think the total amount of something happening will be over/under the figure that the bookmaker comes up with.

For example, you can bet on total kills, total rounds played, total rounds won in a certain way, etc. The bettor can wager on the flow of the game entirely independently from the winner or loser of a match. This is a safe bet for new bettors as it promises the best chances of a win.


Totals eSports betting

  • eSports handicap betting

In a handicap market, the bookmaker applies a virtual advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams to balance the odds.

As a result, a match that is expected to be one-sided becomes much more enticing for the bettor.

Handicap bets on Parimatch

For example, in a best-of-7 round format, the bookmaker will apply a handicap in the form of a round lead. Essentially, the underdog is given a lead before the match even kicks off. The odds will be skewed accordingly to reflect the advantage/disadvantage given to each team.

New bettors are advised to steer clear of this one until they have enough betting education. Handicap betting can be complex to deal with.

Esports Betting Tips and Tricks

Like in traditional/athletic sports, it is crucial to develop your own betting strategy when you venture into eSports betting. Consider these ideas for your eSports betting strategy:

1. Play the game you bet on

Only place a bet on a game you are familiar with. Some eSports have complex rules, various game modes, unique character classes, and a number of other factors to consider. Before you bet on these types of games, play the game to understand it better. This way, you can put yourself in the shoes of the pros, which, in turn, will help you place smarter bets.

2. Watch eSports streamers

While playing the game, to understand it, find time to watch the top players. Seek out a stream of the game you are interested in betting on and watch the pros play. This way, you can understand how various players play and the strategies they use to win games.

Watching eSports streamers can also help you decide on the players to place bets on if you choose to go that route. This is also great research in case you missed out on some game information while you were playing the game. Check out platforms like Twitch or YouTube to find eSports streamers for your research.

3. Crowd-source information from the gaming community

eSports has a thriving online community which makes eSports betting popular. As stated at the beginning of this explainer article, South Africa is also becoming a leading developer of eSports and video games, making Tanzania a budding eSports region.

Also, unlike traditional sports, many people have more direct experience playing eSports. Seek out forums where these enthusiasts (gamers, streamers, eSports bettors) gather to gain more information on the games you are interested in betting on. You can even post a specific question or topic relating to an event you are interested in betting on.

4. Study the odds

As with traditional sports, you need to understand how odds work in eSports betting. Experienced bettors will have fewer issues because the odds operate similarly. Rookie bettors, however, need to study and understand how odds work in betting. By default, Parimatch uses decimal odds to determine the favorite, calculate implied probability, and indicate potential winnings.

However, you need to educate yourself on how esports betting odds work so that you can pinpoint high-value bets. Even though we offer the highest odds and live eSports betting opportunities 24/7, you still have to find the balance between potential winnings and the risk that is offered.

5. Pay attention to the lineups

Just like with traditional sports, the matchday lineup is subject to change. Players can be traded, benched, cut, or left out of the lineup for a number of reasons. Head over to the forums and official websites of these games to get more information on lineups. This will also help you see any changes or updates made to the game ahead of time.

6. Consider recent teams’ form

It is unwise to bet on teams or matches for sentimental reasons. It is also unwise to bet on teams for historical reasons, i.e., if a matchup tends to end in one specific outcome more often than not. Always consider the forms of the eSports teams you are betting on before you place your bet.

7. Research statistics

Having yet to see a team perform, their statistics from past matches will give you an indication of their style of play. Here’s an example of how statistics can influence how you’re betting on eSports:

If you want to place an over/under bet on the total number of kills in a match, a good eSports betting strategy would be to look at the average kills of each team from past matches, combine those averages, and then compare that number to the bookmaker’s total. Use these figures as a tool and combine them with all of your other game knowledge to make a winning bet.


Whether it is traditional sports betting or eSports, Parimatch has all your betting needs.

The app and website have great features that make betting from the comfort of your home, office, or play spots easy. The tips and tricks shared in this explainer article will help you become better at eSports betting because Tanzania now has access to a wide range of eSports to make cool money from through the Parimatch app.

Sign up to Parimatch today for free to enjoy all of these benefits on the Parimatch online sports betting app as you bet on the best eSports catalog available in Africa.

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Is esports betting legal?

ESports betting is legal in some areas of the world, including Tanzania. However, there are laws to consider before placing these bets. Read wide to know what applies in Tanzania before you sign up on the Parimatch app to place your first eSports bet.

How to win eSports betting?

You have to sign up on the Parimatch online betting platform via web or mobile app to stand a chance to win an eSports bet. To place a winning bet, follow these steps.

  •       Look out for the best available odds on your favorite game.
  •       Follow eSports tipsters and gamers to take advantage of their tips and expert predictions.
  •       Take the small wins and profits.
  •       Keep track of your bets. This shows you your overall profit margin since your first eSports bet.

What is eSports betting?

ESports betting is the placement of wagers on virtual sports events and video game tournaments. It is similar to traditional sports betting in the way it operates.

What is the best platform to bet on eSports?

The Parimatch online betting app or website is the best platform to bet on eSports in Tanzania. It offers a wide range of games, from single to multiplayer. It offers lucrative odds that make a bet worth the bettor’s while.

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