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At Parimatch, the team is dedicated to ensuring that users have the sleekest, frictionless software for a pleasure-filled betting experience. From the moment of signing in until you place your bet, we like you to feel that it’s an easy task. That’s why we’re Tanzania’s number 1 online sports betting app!

When it comes to placing bets, you’ll find the need to navigate the betslip. On the Parimatch betting app, the betslip is what’s commonly known in bookmakers as a “sports betting slip” or “bet slip”. Outlining the full gamut of your bets, betting slips help punters to keep track of the bets they have placed.

Accumulate the Best Betting Odds in Your Betslip

We know that this is simple in the offline brick-and-mortar bookies. You walk in, place your bets, and the cashier hands you a bet slip. This is a receipt for your bets which helps you to know what you’ve wagered against. At Parimatch, we want to give all our punters the same ease of experience.

That’s why we’ve made our bet slip section as simple to understand as possible. That way, you can choose the matches and tournaments you want to bet on and place your wager without any hassle.

If you’re having a little trouble working your way around the betslip, we’ve put together this handy guide to give you a rundown of what the bet slip is, how it works, and how you can make it work for you.

What Is the Betslip?

On the Parimatch online sportsbook betting application, we refer to the electronic betting slip as “betslip”. This section of the app and website shows all punters the wagers they have placed. This means that the betslip identifies all the information about the bets that you have placed on Parimatch.

The bet slip will give you information on what results you have placed a bet on. It will also show you the betting odds you have wagered against. Equally, the betslip will identify the type of bet you have placed, such as a 1X2 (moneyline bet), halftime/fulltime, handicap, and so on. You will see clearly that the type of bet is listed along with the actual bet you have placed.

Real Betting Slip Example

Take the scenario in the picture below. Here you can see that the first bet is a 1X2 bet on Newcastle vs. Burnley teams playing, betting on Newcastle UTD U-23 to win. The second bet is a half-time/full-time bet, with a predicted score of the draw at halftime and a win to Leicester at full-time. The last bet is a handicap bet, indicating that Getafe will win with a handicap of 2 goals.

Multibet on Parimatch Tanzania

The betslip will also show the betting odds for each bet on the right-hand side. This allows bettors to keep track, especially if the odds change in live games.

The betslip is also the place to set your bet amount and to see a running total of all the bets that you have placed. You can also see the tax that will be deducted from your winnings and the total sum that will be paid out to you in case of success.

Placing a bet in the betslip will generate a receipt for the funds used to make these wagers. In short, the betslip provides a summary of the bets you’ve placed and an itemized list to ensure that you can keep track and that the system has registered all bets accordingly.

How Does Betslip Work?

The bet slip tab is located at the bottom of the Parimatch betting app and on the left side of the Parimatch website. This tab leads you to the section where you finalize all your bets.

As noted above, this section gives you a rundown of your bets, enables you to place wagers, and generates an itemized list and receipt for these bets.

However, the betslip isn’t limited to simply these tasks. This is where you manage all your bets, ensuring that you’re wagering the correct amount on the right outcome for the betting odds your desire.

Single bets in the betslip

Firstly, for those users only placing one bet at a time, the betslip offers a place to double check this bet, alter your bid, and delete the wager, if necessary. You will notice that the top tab lists your bet as a “Single,” as you are only placing one bet at a time.

While the minimum bet is 300 TZS, you can up your bet by altering this figure in the respective box. If you want to delete a bet, simply click the “x” on the top right-hand side of the bet. You will see tax deductions and possible maximum bonuses also listed in this section.

For those looking to place more than one bet, the betslip becomes a playground of opportunities. This is where you get to decide if you want to place parlay bets of system bets.

Parlay bets in the betslip

The betslip enables users of the Parimatch sports betting application to place parlay bets. In the betslip, you will see “Parlay” on the left-hand tab. By clicking this, your bets will be listed as parlay bets.

But what is a parlay bet? By clicking the “Parlay” tab in the betslip, you’re placing your bets on all games you selected as an accumulator. This means that the bets are placed together and that your potential winnings will have a far higher return if all bets win out on the results you’ve predicted.

In this instance, you will need all of your bets to win in order to get any reward money. If you placed 6 bets in a parlay and only 5 or the 6 bets won, you’d lose your money. For more details, check our guide to parlay bets.

In order to place a parlay bet, you need to make a selection of two or more bets at Parimatch and head to the betslip. You’ll see the bets automatically listed under the “Parlay” tab.

What Does “Add to Betslip” Mean?

When placing bets on Parimatch, we want our users to feel that the process is as easy as possible. That’s why we try to reduce the number of steps it takes for you to place wagers on your favorite sports.

In order to place a bet on Parimatch, you need to add sporting events outcomes to the betslip so that our betting software records the wager that you have placed and provides you with a digital receipt, so you can keep track. When we say “add to betslip”, we are referring to the process whereby you choose a bet and add it to the betslip section of the app or website. After you have added bets, you can decide whether to place them as a system or parlay bets inside the bet slip tab.

Luckily, as we strive to streamline the betting process for all our users. It’s super simple to add to the betslip. You simply click the match or game that you’d like to bet on and the result, and this will automatically add the bet to your betslip. To make it clear for our users, the app will indicate that the bet has been added by darkening the chosen box.

As you will see, the box turns black when the bet is selected. You will also see all the newly selected outcomes as bets at the bet slip tab.

How to Check Betting Slip on Parimatch?

Parimatch prides itself on our frictionless state-of-the-art betting app that enables users to place bets quickly and simply. Of course, we want to ensure that all bets are placed purposefully and that users don’t get confused and bet on the wrong wager by accident. This is why we make it ever so simple to check what’s in your betting slip.

First of all, in the sports section, the bet box turns black to show that you’ve made a selection. Just in case you’re unsure which bets you’ve already placed, you can check your betslip by heading to the betslip tab at the bottom of the app’s screen or on the right of the website.

Why Would You Need to Check Betslip?

When betting, it’s important that you choose the right wagers in order to bet on the results you’re looking for. A lot of money can be lost if you make the wrong bet. This is especially true for an accumulator or parlay wager. One wrong bet could set all the other bets off, meaning you lose the total amount.

Checking your bet slip means going through the list of bets and checking all the details are correct. This includes checking the results you have selected, the type of be you are placing, and the odds. You will also need to ensure that the stake you are wagering is correct.

Before clicking out of the betslip section or finalizing your bets, you will want to check whether you have clicked either “System” or “Parlay”. The last thing you want to do is place an accumulator bet when you want all singles! This could be disastrous if one result loses, as you’ll lose your whole stake. Equally, if you accidentally place a system bet instead of a parlay and you win, you’ll win a lower prize than if you’d correctly selected to place a parlay bet.

How to Use the Sports Betting Slip on Parimatch

If you’re placing bets on Parimatch, it’s vital to get your head around the betslip as you will need this tool to place and finalize bets. Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register (or log in) at the Parimatch website or app;
  2. Deposit some money;
  3. Find the match you want;
  4. Select the type of bet;
  5. Click the result you predict will win;
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 if you want to place multiple bets;
  7. Head to betslip;
  8. Decide whether you want to place single or parlay bets;
  9. Check your wager amount;
  10. Place your bets.


As you can see, the betslip is easy to work your way around. When placing and finalizing bets, the Parimatch sportsbook website has ensured that the process is straightforward and without confusion. That’s what makes us one of the best online betting sites in Africa! All you need to do is click on the wagers you’d like to place, head to the betslip, and choose singles, parlay, or systems bets. From there, just check and click! It couldn’t be any easier!

Remember that your bet slip is a record of your bets. By creating a betslip online with Parimatch, you’re placing bets as well as giving yourself a digital record of the wager you’ve laid down. In this sense, if you ever wonder what you’re betting on, head to betslip to check!


How does a bet pay out?

A bet pays out by calculating the wager multiplied by the decimal odds. For example, if you win Tsh. 20,000 with a 2.0 odds, the bet pays out Tsh. 40,000. The higher the number of the underdog, the less likely the outcome is to occur. This explains why the payout is high.

How do you fill out a bet slip?

Place your bets on your games, and the system will fill the slip up automatically. You can always cross-check the betting information on the betslip. You can access it on the left side of your account dashboard or the bottom part of your dashboard if you are using the Parimatch app.

What does it mean to add to betslip?

A betslip is an electronic betting slip showing bettors all the wagers they have placed. A bet slip shows you all the information regarding your bets on Parimatch.

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