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Welcome to Parimatch — the top online betting app in Africa. Thanks to our innovative technology, we’re making it easier for sports fanatics to bet on global sporting events from their smartphones. With our easy-to-use interface, it takes no time at all to get going with the Parimatch betting app.

One popular betting strategy on the Parimatch app is known as handicap betting. But what is handicap betting?

The Parimatch customer care team has put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through handicap betting. Breaking down the integral facets of the strategy, this rundown delves into the meaning of handicap betting, how handicap betting works, and when it’s most appropriate to use this betting technique.

This handicap betting guide also gives you a step-by-step tour through placing handicap bets on Parimatch. We’ll give you a walk-through of our handicap betting options and sports, as well as signposting your journey to placing a handicap bet on the Parimatch betting app.

So, let’s get started. Here is handicap betting explained!

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a kind of betting where a certain advantage is given to the weaker team or a disadvantage is applied to the stronger team.

It is a great way to balance the game’s favorite and underdog in order to control the outcome you think may occur.

A handicap is placed on one team by the bookmaker. In order for the team to win the bet, they must overcome this handicap or make use of it. As a bettor, it’s your job to determine the correct handicap to make the most returns.

For example, imagine Chelsea are playing West Ham, and you think Chelsea will win. Not only do you think they’ll win, you think they will win even if you took away one goal.

So, you bet on Chelsea with a handicap of -1. This would mean that if their final score was 3, the final score with the handicap would be 2 (3-1=2). If West Ham scored no goals, you’d win the handicap bet, as Chelsea would effectively win 2:0. If West Ham scored one goal, you’d still win as the score would be 2:1. However, if West Ham scored two goals, you’d lose the bet as the handicap score would be 2:2, even if Chelsea scored three goals.

What’s interesting, though, is how you manipulate the handicaps to obtain better odds. For bettors, increasing the handicap makes it a higher risk bet, but it pays off with much higher odds. This is how.

Handicap Betting: Explained in Detail

Handicap betting is a way to even out the odds when one side is clearly the favorite. By using a virtual deficit, bettors can work the odds to predict the most likely outcome. Most often used to give a side a clearer chance of winning, especially if they’re the underdog, handicap betting is sometimes called “betting against the spread“.

While it may appear that you need to be an expert to give handicap betting a go, the Parimatch betting app is so simple to use that beginners will have no trouble getting the hang of handicap betting.

Here’s a simple explanation to get you started.

Handicap betting makes wagering a little more interesting than regular betting. It also gives bettors higher odds, because the bets are a little riskier.

Picture this. You play a tennis match against Roger Federer. He is most likely going to win every time. If someone were to bet on Federer, they would make a small profit each time, however it would be tiny.

This is where the phrase “even the odds” comes in. Now imagine that Federer has to play with his left hand. He’s now at a disadvantage, making it more likely that you could win. However, we’d probably still bet on Federer. Yet because it’s now harder for the professional tennis player to win, the odds are higher, and our bet will return a bigger profit.

In this sense, handicap betting is when a handicap is placed on one side, which they must overcome to win the bet. Say, Team 1 is the favorite and Team 2 is the underdog, and you give Team 1 a handicap of (-2). Team 1 must win the match taking into account two goals less. So if Team 1 wins 4:1, you would minus two goals, for the handicap final score to be 2:1. In this scenario, Team 1 still wins and the bet pays out. However, if Team 1 had won 3:1, this would be 1:1 with the handicap in place and the bet wouldn’t win.

How Does Handicap Betting Work?

Handicap betting may seem complicated in theory, but once you try it on the Parimatch platform, it all becomes clear. That’s why we’re going to give you some examples of handicap betting to illustrate how handicap betting works in practice. This will help you to understand how to place handicap bets confidently, how to read handicap odds, and how to calculate your potential winnings.

For the sake of ease, we’ll use the example of soccer handicap betting to simply explain how handicap betting works.

Soccer Handicap Betting Explained

The Parimatch state-of-the-art Android/iOS app offers a plethora of exciting soccer matches to place handicap bets on. Hosting pre-match, live, and virtual soccer handicap bets, the Parimatch betting app provides users with a one-stop-shop for handicap soccer bets.

But how do you get started placing soccer handicap bets on Parimatch? How does soccer handicap betting work?

Let’s take a real soccer example. Below is a match with Tottenham (“1”) versus Liverpool (“2”). Liverpool is a clear favorite to win.

1 (-3) 19.50
1 (-2) 13.00 2 (+2) 1.01
1 (-1.5) 6.40 2 (+1.5) 1.09
1 (-1) 5.60 2 (+1) 1.12
1 (0) 2.48 2 (0) 1.53
1 (+1) 1.41 2 (-1) 2.90
1 (+1.5) 1.27 2 (-1.5) 3.55
1 (+2) 1.09 2 (-2) 6.40
1 (+2.5) 1.07 2 (-2.5) 7.20
2 (-3) 12.50
2 (-3.5) 13.00

As you will notice, the outcomes look something like this: 1(-1.5) or 2(+1). The 1 and 2 on the outside of the brackets represent the match winner (home or away team, respectively). The numbers in the brackets represent the handicap. On the Parimatch platform, this number shows how many goals are given to the team (numbers with a “+”) or subtracted (numbers with a “-“).

So, let’s look at the table above. The top left outcome reads like this: 1(-3). This means that Tottenham (1) will win even with 3 goals taken from their score at the end. This is highly unlikely, which is why the odds are so high. However, if you bet 10,000 TZS on this outcome and a miracle happened, you’d receive a payout of 195,000 TZS with sheer winnings of 185,000 TZS.

Handicap Betting Types

At Parimatch, we’re all about providing access to a diverse and broad range of sports, betting types, and betting options. Our competitive odds on global sporting events make the Parimatch app the ideal spot to place pre-match, live, and virtual handicap bets on everything from volleyball to soccer, from cricket to hockey.

But what are the different types of handicap bets on offer on the Parimatch platform? How do these betting strategies differ? How do different handicap betting strategies work? Here are the different handicap betting types explained.

What’s a Level Handicap Bet

The term “level handicap bet” means nobody gets extra goals or has goals deducted. In the chart above, you can see a line with “1(0)” and “2(0)” options. These are the examples of a level handicap.

To win the bet, you need to select which team will score the most goals. There is no option for a draw in the bet. If a draw occurs, bets are refunded.

This way, a level handicap bet is the same as “to win” or “draw no bet“.

What is a Single Handicap Bet?

A single handicap is the basic type of a handicap bet — the very same thing we discussed in the beginning. A single amount of goals are added or deducted from the score of one team, be it 1 goal or a virtual “1.5” goals. This type of handicap betting works best when there is a significant difference in strength between the two sides.

What Is Split / Double / Asian Handicap Betting?

If you have two sides that have a minimal difference between them, you may employ split betting. This is a technique used when there is a favorite and an underdog, but the gap between their competencies is small.

Let’s take the game between Southampton and Shrewsbury. You can see that an Asian Handicap bet that looks like this:

1 (-1.25) 1.85 2 (+1.25) 1.95

Why is there a quarter in the added/subtracted goals? This way, the handicap bet is “split” between the closest half-goal options. If, in this case, you bet 10,000 TZS on Shrewsbury it would mean your bet is split in half between 1(0) and 1(+0.5). In other words, half of your stake is on the 0-point handicap and the other half is on the 0.5 handicap. This way, you can win and draw (win one half of a wager) or lose and draw (lose one half of a wager).

Let’s say you bet on Shrewsbury. This way, half of your bet goes on Shrewsbury to win, draw, or lose by less than 1 goal. Another half of your bet is for Shrewsbury to win, draw, or lose by less than 1.5 goals.

Now, in fact Southampton wins over Shrewsbury with 1:0 score. Half your bet would be refunded due to draw (Shrewsbury lost by exactly one goal). The second half would win (Shrewsbury lost by less than 1.5 goals).

So, your payout is (5,000 TZS *1.0) + (5,000 TZS *1.95) = 14,750 TZS.

How to Place Handicap Bets on Parimatch

At Parimatch, we’re proud to present our next-generation sports betting app. Stepping into the future, Parimatch brings its customers the most innovative betting experience in all of Africa, directly from your smartphone. By simply downloading our easy-to-use sports betting app, you’ll have access to worldwide sporting events and a wealth of strategic betting options — directly from your fingertips.

For the beginners out there, don’t be put off. The Parimatch betting app is designed with simplicity in mind. Our sleek dashboard and intuitive interface are crafted to be user-friendly, making it more than simple to get to grips with placing handicap bets online.

If you’d like to get started today, make sure you’ve signed up for your Parimatch account.

A Brief Guide to Handicap Bets on Parimatch

If you already have a Parimatch account and you’re familiar with our platform, you’ll have no trouble at all knuckling down to find handicap bets. Just like all our other sports betting options, you’ll find handicap bets in the top menu on any sporting event page.

However, if you need a little help, just follow these instructions:

  1. If you don’t already have a Parimatch betting account, you’ll need to register. The registration process is super quick and can be done by heading to the yellow “Sign Up” button in the top right-hand corner of the Parimatch landing page. Follow the sign up instructions to complete registration.
  2. Once signed up and fully registered, deposit funds into your Parimatch account in order to prepare yourself to place handicap bets.
  3. When topped up, decide whether you would like to place pre-match, live, or virtual sports handicap bets. For pre-match bets, head to the “Sport” section. For live handicap bets, head to “Live”, and for virtual sports handicap betting, head to “Virtual”.
  4. Say you wanted to place a pre-match handicap bet, you’d click “Sport”. This will give you a list of all the available sports to bet on, with the most popular tournaments and leagues at the top.
  5. If the tournament or league you want is there, click that. If not, click the sport you’d like to place a handicap bet on. This will lead you to a list of all the countries hosting games that you can wager against.
  6. Click the country in which your game is located and a dropdown menu will appear showing all the tournaments, cups, championships, and leagues in that country.
  7. Select the league or cup you’re interested in. This will bring you to a screen listing all the available games in that competition or league.
  8. Choose the game you’d like to place a handicap bet on. This will lead you to the match screen which showcases all the available betting options for that match.
  9. Find a “Handicap” category and click the bet you’d like to put on and the box will turn highlighted. A number will also appear in your betslip.
  10. Once you have placed all your bets, head to the betslip to finalize your bets. All the bets you intend to place are listed on this screen. Check your bets here. Place system and parlay bets here if you are placing two or more wagers.
  11. If all your bets are entered correctly, scroll down and click the big button that says “Place bet” to finalize your bets.

Top Markets for Handicap Betting on Parimatch

Parimatch is known for its unparalleled access to diversity in sports betting. Our platform provides an unprecedented array of sports to bet on, with a wide array of betting strategy options to do so. With competitive odds and a sleek Android/iOS app, Parimatch is providing an all-in-one solution for your next-generation betting needs.

When it comes to handicap betting on Parimatch, we won’t let you down. We offer handicap betting across the board, enabling users to apply this technique to their top sports in many different formats.

Parimatch Has Handicap Bets on a Wealth of Sports

Are you tennis mad? Are you a football fanatic? Perhaps you’re more into volleyball or can’t miss a basketball match? Luckily for you, Parimatch offers handicap betting on a variety of sports. These include soccer, tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, and more.

Place Pre-Match, Live, or Virtual Sports Handicap Bets on Parimatch

We like our users to have access to handicaps bets whenever, wherever This is why we present our customers with a variety of betting formats for placing handicap bets. If you’d like to set it and forget it, place a handicap bet before the game begins for pre-match odds. If you’d like to get in with the action, you can place live handicap bets as the matches and games are happening. Be aware that the odds change constantly when you’re betting live. For die-hard sports betting fans, you can now place virtual sports handicap bets in our virtual betting section in the Parimatch app. This means you have a handicap bets at your fingertips day and night!

Top Reasons to Choose Parimatch for Handicap Bets

Are you tired of waiting in the queue at the bookies to place a handicap bet with poor odds? When you’re limited by the selection in your local bookmakers, you’ll find that handicap betting doesn’t seem that fun. Don’t you want an all-in-one place you can go to place a plethora of handicap bets on national and international sporting events — without even leaving your seat? Of course you do!

But the convenience and great range aren’t the only things Parimatch has to offer. Still unsure about handicap betting on Parimatch? Consider this:

  1. The Parimatch sports betting app is a state-of-the-art software that enables you to place bets all in one place. Our quick-processing app can deal with high traffic, while our systems never crash. With top security embedded in all our software, Parimatch provides a 21st century solution to betting online that doesn’t eat all your data, doesn’t drain your battery, and doesn’t take up too much storage. Our lightweight, sleek betting app is the ideal user-friendly tool for international sports betting directly from your Android smartphone.
  2. Parimatch believes in providing access to sporting events that aren’t always available on other apps. Where competitor betting companies and bookmakers offer a restricted range of handicap bets, Parimatch prides itself on offering a diversity of sports for placing handicap bets, as well as an impressive array of handicap odds.
  3. Parimatch loves to provide value to our customers. That’s why we create the best user experience every time you use the app. But our sleek interface and wide range of sports aren’t the only value we provide. Those placing handicap bets will notice that Parimatch has sensationally competitive odds, giving you a good chance of high potential winnings.
  4. At Parimatch, we believe that each customer is as important as the next. The Parimatch community is integral, That’s why our customer service team is hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide customer care to the community, no matter the problem. Call us, email us, or pick us up on live chat.

Get Handy with Handicap Bets on Parimatch

Thanks to the sleek simplicity of the Parimatch next-gen betting app, you can now enjoy handicap betting without all the fuss. While the concept may seem a little tricky to understand to begin with, handicap betting is accessible to all levels of sports bettor. Whether you’re just starting and want to wager a handicap bet in football, or you’re slightly more experienced and are trying to play the underdog for a tennis match win, you’ll find that Parimatch has everything covered.

Not only is Parimatch able to provide users with a lightweight Android app that makes it perfect for placing handicap bets on-the-go, we also offer the most diverse range of handicap bets in all of Africa. Our online betting system means no more waiting at the bookies to place handicap bets, instead you simply log into Parimatch and choose between a wealth of international sports tournaments and leagues.

Hopefully, thanks to this comprehensive guide, you understand a little more when and how to use handicap betting. Just remember, if you have a clear favorite and a clear underdog, you’ll want to place a single handicap bet. For the situations where there is no difference between the two teams, you can place a level handicap bet. If there is only a slight discrepancy between the two sides, try splitting your handicap bets. Split handicap bets can be a great way to gain cumulative profit.

If you’re unsure who the favorite is, always look at the odds. Low odds mean a scenario is more likely. If there are low odds on a team to win, they’re the favorite. High odds on a team to win make them the underdog.

All in all handicap betting is a great strategy to level the playing field in all kinds of scenarios. A little more exciting than traditional betting, some bettors simply love the strategy as it allows them to back their favorite team, compensating for the difference!

If you need more help on what handicap betting is, how it works, or how to place a handicap bet on Parimatch, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer care team are on hand by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team on the live chat function in the Parimatch app. Don’t have the app, download it now to start handicap betting today!

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